Syndicated Radio Late Night in the Midlands needs Paranormal Experts

Michael Vara is looking for guest from all aspects of the truth industry including: Whistle blowers, UFOs, former black opps and the paranormal or things that go bump in the night. Show Name: * Late Night in the Midlands Show Description: * Late Night in the Midlands is a syndicated talk show that features fascinating guests from all aspects of the truth & independent news industry. The topics can range from UFOs and abductions to the paranormal and Government corruption or secret black opps and whistlblowers. Our focus is on the truth no matter what it is or who it... Read more →

Guest Expert Available for Interviews: Corporate Training and Development Expert

Bring your ILT Materials and eLearning Modules to Life & Keep Employees Engaged with Learn2Engage Learning Packages. Expert Name and Title: * Cheryl Powell, CEO Interview this Expert About: * 2 decades of success in the Training and Development Industry; specializing in eLearning Design and Development 3-4 Sample Radio Interview Questions for the Expert: * How do you keep learners engaged in the content? How are you able to offer such affordable pricing and still make enough profit to sustain a 2 decade business? What instructional design principles do you follow when writing training materials and storyboards ? What makes... Read more →

Books In 30 with C. G. Cooper is looking for Fiction Authors

Fiction authors to talk about books their currently reading, and which ones are their all-time faves. Show Name: * Books In 30 with C. G. Cooper Show Description: * Books in 30 with C. G. Cooper brings listeners the must read books according to today’s hottest authors. We discuss everything from their current selection, favorite genres, and even the latest reviews, good or bad, of their latest work. It’s time to go cover to cover, with your host and fellow author, C. G. Cooper. Show Host Name(s): C. G. "Carlos" Cooper Booking Contact for Interviews: * Carlos Cooper Booking Email... Read more →

Syndicated Radio Sterling on Sunday seeks Misfits, Entertainers, Unique Perspectives

Misfits. Do you have an unusual story, expertise or point of view? Are you having trouble getting booked on other shows? Guests who don't fit in are the best guests for our show. We seek people who are expert or have stories about human relationships at home and at work. You've had some life, please share it with our millions of listeners on the RADIO--not a podcast. The stranger your story, the better. The more unique your point of view, the better! Extreme personalities welcome! Show Name: * STERLING ON SUNDAY Show Description: * Late night national talk show conversation.... Read more →

Money Talk Tuesday’s with NAO is Financial Lit Talk

Various guest on: Money Management, Financial Planning, Investments and Insurance. Show Name: * Money Talk Tuesday’s with NAO Show Description: * Money Talk Tuesday is a live show by Nequetta Alford whose centra focus is understanding: budgeting. Saving and investing. Nequetta holds two masters Degree an MBA and M.A. in Criminal Justice. Nequetta enjoys discussing money topics live on FB which has turned into a class and is getting exciting engaging special guest. Show Host Name(s): Nequetta Alford Booking Contact for Interviews: * 267-940-7283 Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Diverse 10-40 live... Read more →

The Nick Harrison Podcast seeks Celebrity News Experts

The Nick Harrison Podcast is seeking individuals who keep up with pop culture, entertainment, and celebrity news to be a guest on the podcast. The ideal person is one who is up to date on current celebrity news and loves to add their own opinions on various current celebrity news stories. The ideal guest should love comedy and love to add sarcastic comedy content as we discuss celebrity news and pop culture. Show Name: * The Nick Harrison Podcast Show Description: * The Nick Harrison Podcast discusses current events that surround celebrities and their lives. The podcast is hosted by... Read more →

The Pain-Free Zone seeks Attorneys

The Pain-Free Zone seeks Attorneys for interviews regarding "How to deal with Chronic Illness in the workplace". We want to discuss on our show what are some of the issues employees are dealing with and the legal outcomes. Our show airs every Tuesday from 11 am - 12 noon CST. This is a live show and listeners can call into the show. Show Name: * The Pain-Free Zone Show Description: * NECIE L. EDWARDS—pain management expert, health activist and conference organizer, TV talk-show host, and founder of the Fibromyalgia Patient Education and Support Organization (FPESO)—is here to offer help and... Read more →

Let's Face It w/ Wil Strayhorn & Friends wants to Spill it

Seeking pop news/celebrity gossipers who can discuss whats going on in Hollywood, on the Fashion Runways, Latest Trends and Beauty Tips! Show Name: * Let's Face It w/ Wil Strayhorn & Friends Show Description: * Show created to Educate, Empower and Inspire people to transform their situations for the better and to begin to live their BEST life ever. Whether discussing Personal Growth or Spirituality or Sex & Relationships, NO TOPIC IS EVER TABOO! Show Host Name(s): Wil Strayhorn Booking Contact for Interviews: * Carmen Malone Wil Strayhorn Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for... Read more →

Don't Give Up and Win is looking for Christmas Guest

Looking for guest with Thanksgiving or Christmas based stories, books or CD's. Please read description of shows format below very carefully. Guest must meet show's format in order to be considered for an interview. Recording dates will run through October to November. Must be NYC based or willing to be a guest on your own financial commitment. Show Name: * Don't Give Up and Win Show Description: * This show interviews guest that have come to a crisis point and could have given up on life or their dream but didn't because of their faith in Jesus Christ. The show... Read more →

Don’t Miss any more Guest Requests!

The right publicity can explode your business. Why not upgrade to get ALL our Guest Requests? Today we also had interview requests for: Christian Health Relationships Music Religion Get ALL our Guest Requests by email early each day, too. Learn more here now. (Free Trial!) Read more →

CoreBrian Journal wants Brain Health Experts

Mental Health Experts in Traditional Medicine and Functional Medicine. Show Name: * CoreBrian Journal Show Description: * We live in a time of remarkable, excellent brain and body insights. Yet even new advances sometimes just aren't enough to solve the complex puzzles of mind health. More than diet, more than medications, more than exercise, more than finding another label for mind Imbalances, we increasingly discover needs for more precise biomedical perceptions and research to evolve enlightened mind care. Time, function, context and change all matter more than ever. This imperative process of improved perceptions is the reason that I am... Read more →

Southern Christian Ministries wants Christian Musicians

Christian Musicians. Show Name: * Southern Christian Ministries Show Description: * Open discussion for Christian musicians to discuss their music, history, future, and up coming shows. Show Host Name(s): Pastor Eric D. Coates Sr. Booking Contact for Interviews: * Pastor Eric D. Coates Sr. 864-280-1163 Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Audience size depends its internet radio, typical listeners are those who enjoy christian music. My station plays a wide variety of christian music to attract listeners from all music styles, from Bluegrass/gospel to Christian Rock. Show Format: * Internet radio show Station... Read more →

Better Biz Better You Show seeks Authors

Better Biz Better You Show seeks: Authors and guests experts on topics that impact the personal and business lives of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers and consultants. We are looking for guests who can speak to topics on money, marketing and mindset strategies that enable our target group of listeners to get to the next level. We are looking for guests who are authors and/or experts on each topic to give their own story and to provide tips for listeners. Show Name: * Better Biz Better You Show Show Description: * In a world of limitless possibilities, who can busy solopreneurs, freelancers... Read more →

Alex Umansky, NY and NJ Labor & Employment Attorney

Alex Umansky believes that the new Presidency and drastically changing political climate is leading to an increase in workplace discrimination based on race, national origin, religion, gender and sexual orientation. As an attorney who specializes in representing employee plaintiff claims for discrimination, sexual harassment, and wage and hour complaints, Alex sees employers taking more retaliatory actions towards their employees when discriminatory behavior is brought to their attention. The knowledge, energy, and strong opinions Alex brings to the table as an experienced plaintiff's lawyer will surely create interest, conversation, buzz and constructive arguments that entertain and inform listeners. As a trial... Read more →

104.9 FM Talk With Francesca wants to talk about Women

Women related topics. Show Name: * Talk With Francesca Show Description: * Francesca’s goal is to connect with women searching for new experiences and who are unafraid to push boundaries. Together, we explore our world through the rabble rousers, change agents and big thinkers of today to go beyond talking about it to making it happen. Talk with Francesca is feisty and fearless without being abrasive. We discuss hot topics in a provocative way with a “say it like you mean it” and no nonsense attitude to inspire women to become the best they can be. Show Host Name(s): Francesca... Read more →

Reasonable Sanity Pod Cast wants Guests

Is seeking authors. Show Name: * Reasonable Sanity Pod Cast Show Description: * Reasonable Sanity Pod Cast is a video based interview podcast that explores many different subcultures in the world. We are always looking for people with passion for the occult, music, alternative lifestyles and view. Show Host Name(s): Ryan Token Booking Contact for Interviews: * Ryan Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 15,000-19,000 download per show plus about 1,200 VIP's that listen live. We tend to have about 70% males and 30% females who are typically open minded to listen to... Read more →

Path Makers Pocast is seeking Artists and Designers

The Path Makers podcast features Artists, Writers and Entrepreneurs who are pursuing their dreams and making a living doing what they love. Guests are invited to two 30-minute interviews. In the first interview, the guest will talk about their personal journey, and the second the guest will discuss their industry and offer advice on how to be successful in their field. Guests are allowed to speak about and promote their current projects. Show Name: * Path Makers; Interviews with Artists, Writers and Entrepreneurs Show Description: * "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no... Read more →

Think Outside the Lines is Helping Listeners Design the Life They Want

Inspiring conversations with individuals who are doing their part to make the world a better place. Show Name: * Think Outside the Lines Show Description: * Inspiring conversations with individuals who are doing their part to make the world a better place. Follow your bliss and live your best life. Show Host Name(s): Shawn Feeney Booking Contact for Interviews: * Shawn Feeney, Host Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * World-wide audience consisting primarily of spiritual seekers, students of personal development, and entrepreneurs seeking business advice. Show Format: * Recorded podcast Station Call Letters... Read more →

JCT Podcast is looking for Sports Minded Guest Hosts

Sports minded co hosts for audio podcast. We will communicate via email before each show. I will be using the free software Zoom video conferencing to record. Show Name: * JCT Podcast Show Description: * All the best of sports and entertainment. All truth, all the time. Show Host Name(s): Pat Voss Booking Contact for Interviews: * Pat Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Small market as of now and normally 18-40 Show Format: * Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format: * 3 times... Read more →

Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers is seeking Authors

Self -Help authors interested in sharing their stories and advice with ex-offenders are welcome to inquire. Show Name: * Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers Show Description: * Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers is a podcast that addresses the issues faced by men and women after incarceration. Show Host Name(s): Rodney Mathers Booking Contact for Interviews: * Rodney Mathers Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 41, 927 downloads over 177 episodes. Audience includes ex-offenders, their families and friends. Source: Podbean analytics Show Format: * Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) +... Read more →

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