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KTLK-DB FM Lighting The Void talks Paranormal

Lighting The Void is looking for Experts, Authors and or Experiencers in the Paranormal or Metaphysical Category. Show Name: * Lighting The Void Show Description: * Lighting The Void is a live show and podcast as well that airs live on KTLK THE FRINGE FM and many other directories. The show is for the seeker and subjects include, The Paranormal, Conspiracy, Metaphysical, Occult and Alien UFO fields. All guests are treated like house guests. We are only 2 years old and now the show is syndicated on all the digital platforms and we have over 20,000 downloads form all over... Read more →

Massive Momentum in Minutes needs Passionate Women Leaders

Our show can be as creative as you desire it to be. I expect magnetic energy, powerful tools and free gifts for live listeners to partake in. If you would like to do on the air coaching provide a guest who is willing to participate. Absolutely no profanity on the show! If you are not passionate about your message and providing high caliber content for 25 minutes please respectfully decline the opportunity. Show Name: * Massive Momentum in Minutes Show Description: * Entrepreneurial empowerment for the 21st Century Leading Lady! All things according to Life, Love and the Pursuit of... Read more →

The Authors Show to interview Nonfiction Authors

At this time we are looking to interview nonfiction authors in all categories. Request an interview by submitting our interview form at Interviews are conducted via telephone. Show Name: * The Authors Show Show Description: * The Authors Show is in its 12th year of successfully providing online media exposure for authors on multiple platforms; it is more than a "show" in the traditional sense of the word, it is a professional book marketing audio & video program that offers participants major benefits that authors serious about marketing their work need to consider, especially inasmuch as each of these... Read more →

Health Talk with Health Boss wants to talk Health

Seeking guest who are health, fitness, and beauty experts to interview. My ideal guest would be an over 50 health and fitness expert. My target audience is individuals over 50 baby boomers that reacts to my motto "being healthy at any age". SRN reaches a million listeners. The benefits of having a guest of this kind is to educate and motivate individuals to living a better lifestyle. Show Name: * Health Talk with Health Boss Show Description: * The show airs each Friday morning from 8:00 am to 9:00 am EST. The guest and host talk anything health. The purpose... Read more →

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Angel Hour seeks Spiritual Experts

In search of spiritual experts in any field to be a special guest on my new show Angel Hour! Just in the developmental stages so it is a great place to gain some experience as a guest and talking about your specialty. Also looking for guest for pre-recorded and live webinars classes! Show Name: * Angel Hour Show Description: * Connecting with angels and spirit to enhance your life, live a life of purpose,substance & abundance! plus Q&A for call in guests Show Host Name(s): Michelle Irene Booking Contact for Interviews: * Michelle I. Stupski Booking Email Address: * Read more →

Dont Mind if I Do seeks Pro's for Environment Discussion

My ideal guest would be professional either within the eco-tech business, or whose company focuses on environmental issues in some way. Appearing on our show would generate a good reputation for them, as well as expanding their own base. It will also help us reach a larger audience and generate more donations for the non-profit groups we're highlighting. Show Name: * Dont Mind if I Do Show Description: * A bi-weekly deep dive into various topics surrounding our monthly philanthropic efforts. Discussions are usually kept brief and edited into a segmented format that is about an hour long in total.... Read more →

Poetry Ponderings Podcast calling Creatives

I am seeking both published and unpublished authors who feel an emotional connection to creativity, writing and inspiring others. My podcast is a platform for inspiration, imagination and interpretation with writers across the globe. Myself, I am an Aussie who loves to creativity in all forms. So, if you write, or have written, poetry, prose and/or verse I would love to collaborate with you. Show Name: * Poetry Ponderings Podcast Show Description: * The intention of the podcast is to provide a platform for published and unpublished writers in which interpretation, inspiration, and imagination can flourish. The pieces are vocalised... Read more →

Psychicangel1 Show seeks Alternative Speakers

Any knowledge in specific areas that fit into the show theme from: Alternative non mainstream product-holistic -paranormal-healing, mandela effect, consciousness ( new age) matrix believers, ecogreen, foods, health,ect.. we do NOT want psychics,mediums.but we accept: hypnotherapists,,therapists,authors. Show Name: * psychicangel1 show! Show Description: * The show was developed from host ANGEL a pro top psychic from online for 20 yrs. It was created for topics,to bring radio with fresh content from non-mainstream and non-commerical human experience stories, think "oprah " without the psychology degree meets GAIA tv. Show Host Name(s): angel Booking Contact for Interviews: * sondra g. Booking... Read more →

Soul Survivor Radio is looking for Show Hosts

SSV 100.3 is a 24/7 internet radio station featuring: An eclectic soul fusion music mix stimulating talk, interviews and connecting the businesses that change our life for the better. Add your show to the mix. Music business sports Lets Talk! Show Name: * Soul Survivor Radio Show Description: * Soul Survivor Radio "serving independents and preserving legacies". We promote artists, events, and businesses. An alternate source for information entertainment and soul surviving life's journey. Show Host Name(s): Arthur BSmooth Booking Contact for Interviews: * Arthur B Smith Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: *... Read more →

Built to Sell Radio seeks Sntrepreneurs Who Have Sold

We interview business owners who have recently sold their company. Show Name: * Built to Sell Radio Show Description: * The show is an extension of John Warrillow’s bestselling book Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You. Forbes has ranked Built to Sell Radio as one of the top podcasts for business owners and we’ve had more than 200,000 downloads of the show. We have interviewed everyone from Michael Gerber (author of The E-Myth) to Bo Burlingham (author of Small Giants and Inc. Magazine Editor-at-Large) to Rod Drury (founder of Xero). John Warrillow also writes an... Read more →

Superultra Megashow is looking for Comedy Personalities

Comedy personalities are always welcome! But we would love to feature guests known in their field for regularly working in creative media. This could be podcast showrunners, musicians, authors, TV/radio/film/theatre writers, YouTube channel hosts, and any other profession who would have fun experimenting in a radio environment with different show formats. Since the premise of our show is to try out a completely new format every week, we're very excited to have both big names and up-and-comers (or even those who are completely unknown - everybody starts somewhere!) to help us try to make something funny and have a good... Read more →

Sex Spoken Here with Dr Lori Beth Bisbey needs Sex and Relationship Experts

Looking for experts to have in-depth discussions about topics ranging from sex toys to non-monogamy to gender to power exchange in relationships. Popular weekly podcast where I post three to five part series on a topic so I can give the audience a deep view and a wide variety of vantage points. You will have time to promote your products, services or books to my audience and the show is shared widely and repeatedly on FB, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and through my website. The most recent topic is Risk Assessment In Relationships. The first show covered consent, the second the... Read more →

The A to Z of Sex seeks Sex Experts

Sex therapists and coaches, relationship therapists and coaches, sexologists. Show Name: * The A to Z of Sex Show Description: * Dr Lori Beth is taking the audience through the erotic alphabet one letter at a time. The podcast is a way to educate on a wide variety of topics relating to sex and intimacy. The show has a relaxed format and is definitely a place for practical advice. We have a lot of fun covering how to topics through to straight forward relationship education. I have finished recording the first run of 26 (N is for Naked) was released... Read more →

Incarcerate US is America's Only Prisoner Hosted Podcast

An awareness of mass incarceration in the US. Prison Reform activist/Advocate. Family members, friends of incarcerated or been incarcerated. Show Name: * Incarcerate US Show Description: * The aim of our Incarcerate U.S. Podcast is to interview a wide array of people across America to learn about how Incarceration has effected them, get their perspective and the solution to our hyper Incarceration crisis and to link us all together to create one loud, unmistakable and unignorable voice. Show Host Name(s): Dant'e Cottingham Booking Contact for Interviews: * Gloria Woods Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your... Read more →

Craig Smalley, Tax Expert and Author

Craig Smalley is a tax expert with extensive knowledge of individual and business taxation. With over 22 years of experience solving client tax problems, Craig can help your listeners understand the tax code better. He specializes in individual, corporate, business, and small business taxation, as well as IRS audit representation. Craig is the founder of CWSEAPA®, LLP, which is a nationally recognized conglomerate of financial and accounting services. He is also the founder of Tax Crisis Center®, LLC, which is the nation's premier tax resolution firm. Craig's diverse client base ranges anywhere between small one person companies to multi-million dollar... Read more →

Trip Elix, Privacy Expert, Author, and Speaker

Most people are tired of being spied on and having companies sell their private information on the internet. It doesn’t have to be this way. In his book, A Right to Property, privacy expert Trip Elix takes a common sense view of what is wrong and how to fix the privacy mess in America. Anyone can take action by visiting and getting their name off the internet and out of the hands of a number of third parties. You don't have to put up with it, you can remove your child's information for free. Trip will remind your listeners... Read more →

Richard Lowe, Computer Security and Disaster Survival Expert, Ghostwriter & Author

Richard Lowe is an expert on computer security and computers in general, an established author, freelance writer, and ghostwriter. Richard learned about computers and computer security the hard way, by having to protect and salvage systems ravaged by viruses and hijacked by hackers. He's been helping people with computer problems for decades, and can share tips to save your valuable data, time and finances. Richard has been trained to help people prepare for and survive disasters, too. He has been through a number of real world disaster situations, including earthquakes and major fires in California. He even had to find... Read more →

Dennis Clause, Native American Storyteller, Business Expert and Author

Dennis Clause is a Native American Business Storyteller who can help you get extremely focused leads and referrals for your business. If you ask a friend what it is that you do, most of the time they will not know how to explain it. So how can they give your business a referral if they just don't know? All too often, businesses don't know how to effectively explain what they do so that customers will know how the business can help them. But with a story your customers can retell, you get referrals. Dennis will explain how a story can... Read more →

New Featured Guest Expert: Topher Wurts, Founder of the Autism Village Mobile App

Autism. An autism dad. Creator of a new Mobile App that will help everyone living with autism. Autism Village is in the midst of a Kickstarter fundraising campaign for it's first release of a new mobile app. This new global set of tools will work like Yelp or TripAdvisor, but is only for the autism community. Learn more at: http://www.autism and support the Kickstarter campaign here: Autism Village founder, Topher Wurts, will provide your audience a better understanding of the practical obstacles in day to day life for 3 million U.S. families who are living with autism. These... Read more →

New Featured Guest Expert: Dr. Art Capperauld, Healthy Weight Loss Expert, Teacher and Lecturer

People need to know that being healthy is something that is available to all. Good health, including healthy weight loss, is not an elusive “thing” that is only available to a few but a byproduct of learned “healthy habits”. As President of Concepts For Health, Dr. Art Capperauld has developed a unique system of health and healing over the last 23+ years of his clinical experience with 10’s of 1000’s of people asking his advice from coast to coast. Health is dependent upon many things and the older we get, the more vital health and independence becomes to all of... Read more →

New Featured Guest Expert: Dr. Robert A. Weil, The Sports Doctor

Dr. Bob discusses all aspects of sports medicine, shoes, youth safety, health, wellness, and sports performance for both adults and children. This includes injury prevention, current sports news, plus information in all areas of Sports Medicine - mental and physical - with an emphasis on the role of the foot and the use of orthotics. Dr. Bob is the host of The Sports Doctor, heard on, Wednesdays at 3 pm CT. He was also formerly on WDCB 90.9 FM in Chicago for more than 20 years. His Sports Doctor newspaper column is also publishied in The Aurora Beacon News... Read more →

New Featured Guest Expert, Danielle Kunkle, Medicare Insurance Expert, Author & Speaker

Danielle Kunkle has helped thousands of beneficiaries across the nation to survive the intimidating Medicare enrollment process and nail down the basics of Medicare. Danielle enjoys clearing up the "Medicare Mystery" for overwhelmed Baby Boomers as they age into Medicare. She is the co-founder of Boomer Benefits, an insurance agency that specializes in Medicare plans, and can explain the parts of Medicare in terms that are easy to understand. Navigating the daunting Medicare enrollment process is much easier with Danielle’s tips on the key things each beneficiary should prepare for each year. Medicare is overwhelming for the thousands of Baby... Read more →

Featured Guest Expert: Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, Disaster Survival and Medical Experts

Dr. Joseph "Bones" Alton, M.D. and Nurse Amy Alton can help your family survive a disaster. Disaster survival medical experts, Dr. and Ms. Alton's mission is to prepare the average family, especially the non-medically trained, to handle medical issues such as injuries and illness when medical personnel may be overwhelmed or emergency help may not be immediately available. Their Survival Medicine Handbook is a medical how-to guide to helping the average person deal with medical issues in disaster situations where help is not on the way. An interview with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy will bring your listeners practical medical... Read more →

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New Featured Guest Expert: Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, Disaster Survival and Medical Experts

Dr. Joseph "Bones" Alton, M.D. and Nurse Amy Alton can help your family survive a disaster. Disaster survival medical experts, Dr. and Ms. Alton's mission is to prepare the average family, especially the non-medically trained, to handle medical issues such as injuries and illness when medical personnel may be overwhelmed or emergency help may not be immediately available. Their Survival Medicine Handbook is a medical how-to guide to helping the average person deal with medical issues in disaster situations where help is not on the way. An interview with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy will bring your listeners practical medical... Read more →

Featured Guest Expert Available: Interview Bart Smyth, International Healer

Bart Smyth, International Healer, offers simple, natural techniques for medical miracles without the side effects. Bart can explain how to find relief from physical pain and mental or emotional issues with his simple healing techniques that anyone can learn. He can help your listeners learn to heal themselves, their family, and even their pets, as well as do on-air healings. Based on his 25 year journey from addictions and accidents to becoming an International Healer and teacher of self-healing techniques, Bart's expertise includes decades of training in Internal arts, healing arts, a combination of Hakomi-Jungian Psychotherapy/Shamanic teachings, and training with... Read more →

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