#5593: The eBattle is seeking Entrepreneurs Who Had to Fight for Success

I am looking for self made entrepreneurs who had to scratch, crawl and bleed their way to success. Show Name: * The eBattle Show Description: * What’s up Champions my name is Ryan and welcome to The Entrepreneur Battle. If your an entrepreneur or wantrepreneur looking to develop your skills, start a business or may be you want to reach new levels of success. This is the show for you. Join me every Thursday as I interview a successful entrepreneur. I’m not talking about people who created an app at 17 and became billionaires. These are entrepreneurs who had to... Read more →

#5588: REInvestorSummit.com needs Strong Entrepreneurs

We are seeking strong entrepreneurs to be a guest on a strong Real Estate and Entrepreneurial podcast. We are in the top 5% in the whole world and looking for guests that stand out. We also like to sell something on our show as we do very well monetizing on our show. * REInvestorSummit.com Show Description: * Entrepreneurial show with a dynamic coverage from A to Z. We have a variety of guests that have been on and grow more and more in multiple spaces. It is always full of strong content and guests for our viewers that are all... Read more →

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The right publicity can explode your business. Why not upgrade to get ALL our Guest Requests? Today we also had interview requests for: Authors Travel Sports Society Women's Issues Get ALL our Guest Requests by email early each day, too. Learn more here now. (Free Trial!) Read more →

#5595: KVCU Radio1190 Boulder CLIMBTALK seeks Active Adventurers

Active adventurers, climbers, authors and activists and those who follow their passions and are willing to make our world a better more exciting time and place. Show Name: * CLIMBTALK the radio show on KVCU Radio1190 Boulder Show Description: * a little live AM/FM radio talk show about living life to the extreme. Hosted by the inimitable and oh so witty Michael Francis Brooks. Every Friday night 9 PM Mountain Standard Time USA from Boulder, Colorado. 98.9 FM & 1190 AM. University of Colorado Boulder radio station. Show Host Name(s): Michael Francis Brooks Booking Contact for Interviews: * Michael Francis... Read more →

#5592: The George Wilder Jr. Show is looking for Authors

Books and authors. Those with stories to share and with something to offer the world. The show is fun, educational, and informative. Show Name: * The George Wilder Jr. Show Show Description: * The topics can range from, books, writing, politics, relationships, and so on. The George Wilder Jr. Show is a internet Radio Talk Show. It is broadcast out of Chicago, the state of Illinois. It is a place where guests come to have fun. Show Host Name(s): George Wilder Jr. Booking Contact for Interviews: * Your booking contact is George Wilder Jr. Booking Email Address: * authorgwilder@gmail.com Audience... Read more →

#5591: The Financial Freedom Podcast is seeing Financial Freedom Experts

Looking for guests who have expertise in financial freedom, stocks, business success, Is a financially successful entrepreneur, stocks, investment, index funds. Your expertise must be specific to financial freedom, the how to and you must have strong knowledge in this area to be considered and be living what you teach. Show Name: * The Financial Freedom Podcast Show Description: * The Financial Freedom Podcast is dedicated to showing you how to create wealth and abundance in your life so that you can live a life of freedom. We cover a range of topics such as creating wealth, investing, entrepreneurship, money... Read more →

Trevor McShane, Americana Musician & Power Lawyer

Trevor McShane is the stage name of brilliant Beverly Hills lawyer Neville Johnson. He has been listed every year since 2008 as one of The Hollywood Reporter’s "Top 100 Power Lawyers", and he has just released his genre-defying new album Boom Boom. Trevor is an expert in Americana music, music litigation, and music artist rights. He loves both music and musicians. For Trevor’s new album entitled “Boom Boom" he assembled an all-star cast of musicians and producers to shape his musical vision. From the opening track, “Eloise” through the last one, the bouncy instrumental “New Mexico Sunrise”, Trevor takes us... Read more →

#5583: GrowthStories Streaming NYC Event seeks Interview Subjects

GrowthStories seeks high achieving creators and innovators. Show Name: * GrowthStories Show Description: * GrowthStories is a live interview series where creators and innovators candidly share their triumphs, failures, professional advice and industry observations. Our events take place at a WeWork in Manhattan's Financial District. All interviews are streamed on social media, on our podcast and transcribed on our blog. Show Host Name(s): Michael Simonson Booking Contact for Interviews: * Michael Simonson, 201-572-1030 Booking Email Address: * mike@helloclickboost.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * New show Show Format: * Internet radio show Recorded podcast Video webcast Station Call... Read more →

#5589: The Audacious Mamas Show seeks Financially Successful Single Moms & Divorcees

Are you a single mom or divorced and you had to start a new career to own to become financially independent and now you're thriving? I'd love to hear your story! I'm not looking for a big numbers - if you have them, great - but I'm mostly interested in hearing what pushed you, how you've created a life that you love independent of your ex or your children's father. Single mamas need role models. Share your story and inspire other moms to step up and take control of their financial lives. Show Name: * The Audacious Mamas Show Show... Read more →

#5587: WYCB 1340AM The Senior Zone is seeking Senior-Friendly Content

Authors, Thinkers, Speakers, Subject Matters Experts who provide useful, informative and relevant content that aim to improve the quality of life for older adults. Show Name: * The Senior Zone Show Description: * Founded in 2012 with a hope of restoring reverence, care, compassion and concern for the elderly The Senior Zone was formed. Now in its 6th year, The Senior Zone has become a forum of connection and inspiring possibilities for older adults seeking tips and directions to senior programs, services, tools, resources, events, advice and cultural tidbits. The Senior Zone serves as an invaluable and versatile resource each... Read more →

#5586: The Mix whats Effecting You

Relationship experts. Show Name: * THE MIX Show Description: * Four entrepreneur women live radio talk show about all things effecting our lives today! Relationships, kids, family, social media, sex, drugs, our jobs, etc. The every day pressures of living on Long Island New York. Show Host Name(s): Helen, Lisa, Joann & Mary Booking Contact for Interviews: * Joann Nardone Host to THE MIX 631-921-2714 Booking Email Address: * jnardone65@icloud.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * About 5000 hits a show... Men and women from 20-65 yrs of age. Show Format: * Internet radio show Video webcast Station... Read more →

#5546: Night Dreams Talk Radio is looking for Guest

We need guest on conspiracies and everything to do with the paranormal! Do you have a new book that you want a lot of listeners to hear about? Show Name: * Night Dreams Talk Radio Show Description: * Night Dreams Talk Radio is a live internet paranormal talk radio show soon terrestrial radio also! We have a large world wide following! And its growing every night! Our main show is on Mon-Friday With our Host Gary Anderson that started his broadcasting career in 1976 Check us out like 8-10 pm P.S.T. Monday-Friday For his live broadcast at www.nightdreamstalkradio.com Also you... Read more →

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