Lyman Montgomery, Focused Productivity Expert & Coach

Are you a distracted entrepreneur who tends to procrastinate? Productivity Coach Lyman Montgomery can help you to be more focused, productive, and profitable while maintaining a healthy work-life balance, too. Do you ever feel distracted and unfocused in your life and work? Do you feel that you have exhausted all resources to get focused in your life? Do you feel you are at a crossroads in your life, business, and relationships? Are you focused in some areas of your life and work, but find yourself distracted in other areas? Lyman can help you to remove debilitating distractions in your business... Read more →

Wretched Wrestling Podcast seeks Wrestling Personality

We are looking for a past or present WWE professional wrestler or personality (ex: referee, announcer, commentator, etc). Show Name: * Wretched Wrestling Podcast Show Description: * Two friends discuss the latest news, rumors, and event of the World Wrestling Entertainment. Both hosts have a love for the sport and have been watching for over 20 years each. They love to drink and they love to deep dive into their personal lives, and you never know what's going to come out! The Opie and Anthony of wrestling podcasts Show Host Name(s): Fred Robinson Booking Contact for Interviews: * Fred Robinson... Read more →

The George Wilder Jr. Show wants to get Witty

Is seeking authors. Show Name: * The George Wilder Jr. Show Show Description: * The George Wilder Jr. Show is broadcast out of the city of Chicago. It is a hour and a half long talk show. It is entering is fourth year on the air. Guests appear and callers call in to participate. It is a internet based show. Guests are booked to tell their stories, talk about their book or helping others. It is all about making the world a better place. Show Host Name(s): George Wilder Jr. Show. Booking Contact for Interviews: * Booking Contact is George... Read more →

98.3/102.1 WCRS All In Our Family wants You

All Our Family is looking for guest to talk about issues that will help strengthen family. The listening audience should leave the interview with information that they can use to make their families bond and be more loving. Show Name: * ALL IN OUR FAMILY Show Description: * Family is your first school in the game of life and learning how to solve the big and small problems every family faces is more important now than ever. Listen online each week as show host, Yolanda Robinson helps families address the “real” issues they face. Offering a listening ear and sage... Read more →

WMAP Radio Presents the World's Most Amazing People wants You

We are looking for people who have overcome challenges to achieve their goals: personal, professional or social. These everyday heroes are the backbone of society and provide examples and inspiration to uplift others. Show Name: * WMAP Radio Presents the World's Most Amazing People! Show Description: * WMAP Radio is an Interview-based talk show highlighting achievers despite personal and professional challenges. Our audience loves to hear of people who have overcome adversity to publish, create, give to others, or otherwise succeed. Let people in all 50 US states and over 40 other countries know about you and your achievements! Host... Read more →

Robert Christian show could be Looking For You

We are a Progressive Newstalk show, podcast and live-cast. We are looking for guest on a future show who support LGBT rights. Same sex marriage, to estate planning. This will be a series of two shows on the subject. Show Name: * Robert Christian show Show Description: * The Robert Christian show, a premier LGBT Progressive newstalk show. We present not just News articles, but a progressive approach to them. We have interviewed many guest over the years, some Celebrity interviews and subjects that are mind blowing. Show Host Name(s): Robert Christian Booking Contact for Interviews: * Robert Christian Booking... Read more →

Refresh Your Wealth: Tax and Legal Tips seeks Financial Industry Gurus

Refresh Your Wealth is looking for exciting and entertaining Investment Guru's that can share their strategies and life lessons. Mark and Mat are Tax and Legal experts with a following of over 25,000 people throughout the country. They are national speakers, authors, entrepreneurs, and they love to have fun on the show! Show Name: * Refresh Your Wealth: Tax and Legal Tips Show Description: * Refresh Your Wealth is the best show out there for Tax and Legal tips and strategies. Co-hosts, Mat Sorensen and Mark J Kohler, love to take these "boring" topics and deliver them in an easy... Read more →

Featured Publicist: Frazier Public Relations

Are you looking for a smart public relations program that gets results? Are you an author who needs help promoting your book, getting press and interviews, film options, or securing broader distribution? We have several feature films being produced for our authors. Click to email or call us at 540-338-1545. One of our referring publishers calls us "Rock Stars!" Learn more here... If you’re looking for publicity help, please consider this sponsor to support our free service! See our Featured and Recommended Publicists & PR Firms here. Would you like to be interviewed on radio and podcasts? Our web... Read more →

The Garrison Douglas Show is seeking Foreign Policy Expert

This is foreign policy week on our program. We are looking for a guest who can give a fresh perspective on what we are currently witnessing in North Korea. Show Name: * The Garrison Douglas Show Show Description: * The Garrison Douglas Show broadcasts live out of Atlanta, GA to an audience of young conservatives. Garrison likes to dive deep into political issues and is not a place for spin. His audience respects him and his guests for giving hard core facts complimented with very limited anecdotal points. While Garrison does often get frustrated with the process, he is upbeat... Read more →

WikiLeaks on Weed wants Free Speech Experts

We are starting a new segment on our show called the "Free Speech" segment. It examines the multi-faceted and nuanced results of living under such a progressive and liberal statute in America, and how now, more than ever, that amendment is coming under scrutiny from all sides of the political spectrum. We want to talk to YOU about it. Come on our show for a quick 15-30 minute call to talk about this extremely colorful and vibrant topic. Show Name: * WikiLeaks on Weed Show Description: * WikiLeaks on Weed is a political podcast based out of Rockport, Massachuseets. Your... Read more →

Wow, thanks!

What a response! Last week we sent out a quick email asking for promotional blurbs for our first book. Thanks to so many of you who wrote in! The endorsements came in fast and furious. We’re thrilled to see that so many of you worldwide get so much out of our Guest Request listings. We got so many friendly and supportive quotations that there’s no way we can include them all on the book cover. We may have to add an entire section in the book itself! Thanks so much for your outpouring of support! - Your Friends at Read more →

Guest Requests Reserved for Premium Subscribers Today:

Today our Premium emails had more Guest Requests than you see in this Free Edition. These included requests for experts on: Politics Women's Issues Relationships Music Arts Want us to email you ALL our Guest Requests so you can get more interviews? Learn more here now. (Free Trial!) Read more →

The Billionaire Lifestyle talks Differences in Race and Gender in America

Looking for guest who are experts in people relationships related to differences. Looking to explore why we still have issues with race gender and sexual orientation in America and across the globe. Show Name: * The Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast Show Description: * How To Make Dreams Reality |Interviews with Conscious Creators|Not About Money it's about living....Lets wake up the sleeping masses. We delve into topics affecting our daily living in hope to recognize effective methods we can change for living and not existing. Show Host Name(s): Emmitt Muckles Booking Contact for Interviews: * skype emmitt.muckles telephone: 734-419-9107 Interviews are 40... Read more →

105.5/103.5FM The Empowerment Hour seeks Self Development Experts

Seeks self development experts. We would like to interview Authors, Entrepreneurs, Life Coaches, Financial Experts, Pastors, Evangelists, Politicians. Show Description: * The Empowerment Hour is an entertaining radio production that focus on civic, educational, informative and powerful educational tools to raise awareness and to promote change. Show Host Name(s): Dr. Cutella Talbot Booking Contact for Interviews: * DR. CUTELLA TALBOT HOST/THE EMPOWERMENT HOUR TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS 6492429897 INTERVIEWS ARE DONE THROUGH SKYPE LIVE ON FACEBOOK AND LIVE ON FM RADIO THROUGHOUT THE CARIBBEAN AND THE WORLD Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: *... Read more →

Author Songwriters to Interview Artists

Songwriters in all music genres are invited to request an interview by submitting the interview request form at Interviews are conducted via telephone. French speaking songwriters are invited as well and those interviews will be conducted in French. Show Name: * Author Songwriters Show Description: * With 12+ years of successfully providing online media exposure for book authors on multiple platforms through a professionally produced interview podcast, we are now launching a new show focusing on songwriting artists, because songwriters are story tellers too. Show Host Name(s): Award winning songwriter Sarantos, and Danielle Hampson Booking Contact for Interviews: *... Read more →

Steampunk Numerology Expert Brittany Johnson amazes listeners!

Brittany Johnson is an expert in Numerology who will keep your audience on the edge of their seats. Everybody has a birthday.... those six familiar digits we use to fill forms, recite over and over, and celebrate once a year. But did you know those Numbers are a part of your destiny? It's time to explore the entertaining, and mystical relationship between your numbers and who you are. It's time to check out Steampunk Numerology by booking famous Numerologist and Steampunk enthusiast Brittany Johnson for on-air live interviews or free audience participation call-in Numerology Readings. Brit can reveal amazing things... Read more →

WBOQ 104.9FM Talk With Francesca wants to Talk With Women

I am looking for guests who are well spoken, intelligent in their chosen work, have a press kit with picture, bio and questions for interview. $100 BOOKING FEE Show Name: * Talk With Francesca Show Description: * Francesca’s goal is to connect with women searching for new experiences and who are unafraid to push boundaries. Together, we explore our world through the rabble rousers, change agents and big thinkers of today to go beyond talking about it to making it happen. Talk with Francesca is feisty and fearless without being abrasive. We discuss hot topics in a provocative way with... Read more →

Jenny Maher, Inspirational Author/Speaker Changing Lives

Author of the inspirational memoir, Finding Faith In Darkness, Jenny Maher is striving to help others realize they’re not alone. From growing up with a bipolar mother that led to multiple foster home placements, experiencing emotional and sexual abuse and neglect most of her life, to going through severe depression. Jenny knows from personal experience how much emotional pain can affect the way we think and treat ourselves and others. A quadriplegic, she continues struggling, beating the odds in order to live independently in a manual wheel chair, by herself, which shows her sheer determination. Hearing what and how she’s... Read more →

The Online Genius Show seeks Platform Building Experts

We are looking for guests who can offer actionable advice about how to build, protect, and sell expertise online. We seek guests with experience and expertise in ever aspect of online marketing and sales, from avatar development through funnel development and phone sales. If you are an expert who can help an online entrepreneur build a web presence or sell expertise from that presence, you are perfect for the show! Show Name: * The Online Genius Show Show Description: * The Online Genius Show is a new show that will go live in December 2017. The show will help entrepreneurs... Read more →

Awaken to Deeper Truths and Wisdom

Spirituality, consciousness. Also holistic wellness, health, self-help, psychology, transpersonal psychology, integrative psychology, neuroscience, philosophy Show Name: * Awaken Show Description: * Awaken to deeper truths and wisdom, and ascend to your potential. Tune into Awaken by Ascend and listen in as host, Bryan Henry, delves into insightful conversation with inspiring people. Our special guests share with us their valuable experience and knowledge to help you improve your state of health, live on a higher plane of consciousness, and manifest abundance. Join us on this path of discovery and exploration, and find great bliss and fulfillment in your life. Show Host... Read more →

Want More Interviews? Upgrade to Get More Guest Requests!

Today our Premium emails also had invitations for interviews about: Music Spirituality Paranormal Movies Health Premium subscribers get more interview requests, and can even pick specific topics of requests: Learn more here now. (Free Trial!) Read more → wants to talk Real Estate Investing

Passive Real estate investors, entrepreneurs. Not: agents, flipper, wholesalers. Show Name: * Show Description: * I would like to share how to build a passive rental portfolio while working a full-time W2 Professional job. I would like to share my analysis spreadsheets, personal financial statement templates I use to get lending, who I went to for properties, and a script to ask potential vendors. My Bio and Interview Cheat Sheet: Here is more info about my podcast and the questions that I will ask: Go ahead and schedule a recording slot here: A little bit about... Read more →

105.7 FM The Box seeks Guest Interviews

Music Artists, Music Producers, Bands. Show Name: * 105.7 FM THE BOX Show Description: * Fresh New 24 Hour Operating Global Radio Station Playing the Best Contemporary, Urban, Hip-hop, R&B, EDM, Blues and Top 40 Booking Contact for Interviews: * Tony Taylor Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 18-35 male vs female 200,000 Weekly Listeners Show Format: * Broadcast radio show Internet radio show Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format: * 105.7 FM THE BOX MT Website URL: * Show URL: * Read more →

Second Sight the Fox Den seeks Interesting Guests

We are looking for: Authors, Healers, metaphysical type people, experts in their crafts, hyponotists, past life regressions, UFO, cryptozoologists. Show Name: * Second Sight Show Description: * Paranormal Investigator Gina "Para Fox" Bengtson interviewing a variety of guests weekly on our 2 hour show airing Thursday's 8-10 est on out of NYC and we have live podcasts on Tuesdays 8-9 est on Vision Quest Live Facebook podcast. We have a large audience and faithful followers and we love to talk with interesting talented people! Thank you and Check us out because if it is Thursday. See you there! Show... Read more →

BedLoveBeyond is seeking Swingers

Does jealousy ever happen? How are the parties? What made you comfortable enough to be cool with multiple partners? Show Name: * BedLoveBeyond Show Description: * The podcast is a place to discuss sex, love, and whatever's clever with like minded people, who are in limbo with love like us. We're based in New Jersey. Our topics vary from dating after divorce, falling in love with potential, is giving the keys to your place a big deal, etc. This particular episode isn't to berate the guest. Not at all. This is just another facet in relationships my co-host and I... Read more →

Donell Edwards: Viewpoints wants You

Social justice guests with knowledge about social injustice in the law enforcement and court systems, schools, and employment. Show Name: * Donell Edwards: VIEWPOINTS Show Description: * Donell Edwards: VIEWPOINTS focuses on social justice issues like the killing of unarmed black males by police, domestic violence against women, the inequity in public schools, as well as a variety of other topics including career planning, world travel, the threat of terrorism, the impact of mental health issues on society, the intensifying racial divide in America, and more. Guests like to appear on my show because I involve them in the planning... Read more →

Last First Date Radio has Dating/Relationship for Over 40 Singles

My ideal guests are people who work with or write for singles who are dating and in relationships after 40. I'm looking for someone who has something unique to offer---a method with exercises to share, a way to communicate effectively, how to identify toxic people, how to increase self-esteem in midlife, or recover after divorce or loss. I've had tons of matchmakers and dating coaches already, and I'm looking for those with a unique point of view. Show Name: * Last First Date Radio Show Description: * Last First Date Radio is a featured show on Blog Talk Radio, dedicated... Read more →

Speculative Fiction Cantina needs Speculative Fiction Authors

Are you a speculative fiction writer? Scifi, fantasy (and all its subgenres), horror, alt history, steampunk, etc.) with a published book to promote (indie is okay)? Join us for a fun hour of interviews and readings. Show Name: * Speculative Fiction Cantina Show Description: * This internet radio program covers all aspects of speculative fiction books and writing. We let authors read from their works and promote their books (indie is okay). It's fun and free. Guests have reported increased book sales after appearing on our program. Questions are designed to let you tell our audience why your book is... Read more →