#5557: The eBattle seeks Entrepreneurs Who Had to Fight for Success

I am looking for self made entrepreneurs who had to scratch, crawl and bleed their way to success. Show Name: * The eBattle Show Description: * What’s up Champions my name is Ryan and welcome to The Entrepreneur Battle. If your an entrepreneur or wantrepreneur looking to develop your skills, start a business or may be you want to reach new levels of success. This is the show for you. Join me every Thursday as I interview a successful entrepreneur. I’m not talking about people who created an app at 17 and became billionaires. These are entrepreneurs who had to... Read more →

#5559: The San • IT Project Podcast seeks Experts

Joanne Victoria partners with IT Pros in: The Telecommunications, Technology, Entertainment and Mass Media industries whose work/life balance has imploded and who want more fun, more confidence, more success and more inner peace.The San • IT Project Podcast is a platform for experts in the Personal Development and IT Communities to share their wisdom, expertise and solutions that will help the IT Pro live a sane, healthy and prosperous life. Show Name: * The San • IT Project Podcast Show Description: * The San • Project Podcast host, Joanne Victoria, interviews experts in the areas of Leadership, Anxiety, Stress, Health... Read more →

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#5558: Dare to be Authentic Radio wants to Hear Your Story

Dare to be Authentic Radio seeking guests who have a story to share about authenticity. We are looking for people to be featured guests on our show who have an experience to share about how being authentic has affected their life. You don't have to be a seasoned radio show guest. All you have to do is share your story. Show Name: * Dare to be Authentic Radio Show Description: * Dare to be Authentic Radio where we broadcast weekly interviews with leading coaches, authors, therapists, mentors, teachers, healers and others who have found how authenticity has enhanced their life.... Read more →

Between The Lines (BTL) is Saluting Dads

A special series of interviews on Between The Lines with dads for men in general as well as women. Both genders bring value to the relationship and parenting, however, over time, the perception has been that more focus is always on the women or mothers. Not that there should be any competition but we do need to give praise and respect for those men handling their business at home as a father and spouse. Show Name: * Between The Lines (BTL) Show Description: * Here's to a flip in the script of giving men a bad rep! If you're a... Read more →

The My Future Business Show is looking for Business Owners

Welcome to the My Future Business Show where we get you in front of your best audience, and keep you there!... We're looking for existing business owners who are looking to share their knowledge and experience whilst also growing their own business via The My Future Business Show as a guest. Show Name: * The My Future Business Show Show Description: * Hi, I'm Rick Nuske and I believe the rate of failure in small to medium size businesses is both unacceptably high and largely avoidable. I believe that with a little bit of help, small to medium size businesses... Read more →

#5555: Younger Every Day wants to be Younger Every Day

I am bringing back my former local TV show, YOUNGER EVERY DAY, as an INTERNET PODCAST, to reach a wider audience. The show's tagline is "The show that helps you look, act, and feel younger...no matter what your driver's license says." The audience is folks 50 and up. I am seeking guests from any field or discipline who can help my listeners achieve this goal of looking, acting, and/or feeling younger than their age. Show Name: * Younger Every Day Show Description: * Half-hour interview format. Two guests per show, 15-minute segment each. Live and also archived. Interviews conducted via... Read more →

Between The Lines (BTL) seeks Relationship Experts

Relationship Experts that includes: Work and career experts on human relations in the workplace with supervisors, bosses, manager and colleagues as well as career paths to pursue, planning for life after retirement, entrepreneurship, etc. Show Name: * Between The Lines (BTL) Show Description: * This show was a podcast 6 years ago on the Blogtalkradio network BUT now it has been revamped and upgraded to a Live video webcast. Aired live on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for 30 mins from 10:30 am till 11:30 am EST until the clock changes as of Nov 5th 2017, the show will be aired... Read more →

#5553: WXLM 980 AM Networking Singles is seeking Relationship Experts

Looking for guests who are experts in: Personal lifestyle, mental health impacts on dating, health and wellness impacts on relationships, mindfulness and social psychology impacting relationships. Show Name: * Networking Singles Show Description: * My show is about dating, relationships all things social and all lifestyle issues. Psychological impacts on dating, relationships and life. Helping people with educational entertaining radio. The show covers all aspects of human behavior in relationships. Show Host Name(s): john holt Booking Contact for Interviews: * John holt Booking Email Address: * nbayqh@aol.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Covers eastern CT southern RI... Read more →

#5488: Kevin's Consulting Live is looking for Security Expert

My podcast, Kevin's Consulting Live, is looking for a computer security expert. I'd like someone who can talk about the top threats and some tips and tricks to stay safe. Show Name: * Kevin's Consulting Live Show Description: * Kevin's Consulting Live is a weekly look at tech topics not covered by the mainstream media. I don't just talk about threats to networks! I am not afraid to criticize the tech industry in general. Show Host Name(s): Kevin Sisco Booking Contact for Interviews: * Kevin Sisco Booking Email Address: * kevinsisco61784@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * I... Read more →

#5552: Den Of Pride Podcast is looking for Personal Development Coaches

Personal Development Coaches. We are seeking guests who have a message or something of value to share with those seeking change, growth, aid or self-improvement. Show Name: * DEN OF PRIDE Podcast Show Description: * We are a show dedicated to helping people find themselves. We aim to improve peoples confidence & PRIDE, which is often done through self-improvement. Our Audience will seek to better themselves or at least consider that they might lead a better life, with help & guidance from industry experts. Our speakers, authors, educators & thought leaders are that industry expertise. They come armed with the... Read more →

#5551: Life Is Good talks How to Handle a Bully as an Adult

We are looking for experts for an upcoming topic: "How to a handle a bully at the office". Bullies don't just exist on the playgrounds, these bullies grow up and become adults. What is the best way to deal with a bully at work/office. Show Name: * Life Is Good Show Description: * We want to help our listeners live the best possible lives to the best of their potential. We feature expert interviews and discussions, some of the topics include: relationships, sex, parenting, careers, self help, technology, hosted by Rob Aguilar. Show Host Name(s): Rob Aguilar Booking Contact for... Read more →

Casey Stubbs, Marketing Expert, Army Veteran, and Entrepreneur

Casey is an expert in enhanced marketing strategies, growing your business through increased authority and visibility, and teaching proven strategies to increase your cash flow. In January 2009, Casey launched his first trading business which generated over $6 million in revenue before being acquired. After transitioning from the Army to become a successful entrepreneur, Casey can share the enhanced marketing strategies that you need to be using today in order to increase your online presence and authority. He likes to teach business owners and other hard working but traditionally employed Americans how to increase their cash flow, and how to... Read more →

#5541: iHeart Radio Sayin it Plain is looking for New Exciting Guests

Is seeking Actors, Actresses and Musicians. Show Name: * Sayin it Plain Show Description: * Sayin it Plain is an upfront in your face issue based talk show that tackles politics and social and cultural issues. We keep you informed on issues that effect your community and the world we live in. The show delves into hot button issues, with a mission to spark its listeners into action , We are a progressive liberal show and proud to be part of #resistanceradio as we fight the Right wing Republican propaganda machine that is trying to destroy the middle class in... Read more →

#5523: That Sex & Love Podcast seeks Sex & Love Experts

An ideal guest for this show is an expert in their chosen Niche related to Sex, Love, Romance, Dating or Attraction, who can convey their message in a fun and upbeat manor. Show Name: * That Sex & Love Podcast Show Description: * Includes weekly interviews with experts in the fields of sex and love. The show is for men, women, straight and LGBT and is based upon the belief that open, playful and honest conversation is vital for connecting through love and sex. The show is in good taste with a blend of education and tongue in cheek humor.... Read more →

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#5550: WYCB 1340 AM Discover Your Why Veterans Radio Talk Forum seek Leaders

I want to interview veteran organizations leaders. Show Name: * Discover Your Why Veterans Radio Talk Forum Show Description: * This is a veterans talk forum for veterans to share their needs or special achievements, leaders of organizations and career veterans i.e. Generals, and other veterans of all branches. This is the only veterans radio program in Washington, DC. Show Host Name(s): Dr. Eve Taylor Booking Contact for Interviews: * Dr. Eve Taylor, Executive Producer/Host Booking Email Address: * tayloreve3@msn.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 45 to 55 thousand in the DMV. Show Format: * Broadcast radio... Read more →

#5548: Carita Dee TV Show seeks Guests

One type of ideal guest is Male/Female, who shares their real life stories and experiences, self help or motivational/spiritual. Must be fluent in subject and able to chat comfortably with host. Would prefer interviews done from Computer or laptop but will do phones as well. Guests are sent a link and password and they are immediately seen by the audience. Show Name: * Carita Dee TV Show Show Description: * Carita Dee is REAL & RELEVANT! Her show topics support women's issues and help her loyal Caribbean followers to get back on track! Guests enjoy Carita's laid back style and... Read more →

#5549: Guided Spirit Conversations is looking for Thought, Wisdom and Spiritual Leaders

Thought, Wisdom and Spiritual leaders who, through the interview process Inspire, Motivate, Education and help the listener Transform through tools and techniques shared on the show. Show Name: * Guided Spirit Conversations Show Description: * Guided Spirit Conversations is a show who's mission it is to help inspire, motivate, educate and help the listener transform their lives by the tools and techniques shared by my guest interviewees. GSC has a vast audience and they are thirsty for insights and information from the well known leaders in their field and those who are emerging into the limelight. As a guest on... Read more →

The My Future Business Show seeks Online Technology Experts

Welcome to the My Future Business Show where we get you in front of your best audience, and keep you there!... Online technology / social media specialists - wordpress / shopping cart / webinar software / membership sites / social media. Show Name: * The My Future Business Show Show Description: * Hi, I'm Rick Nuske and I believe the rate of failure in small to medium size businesses is both unacceptably high and largely avoidable. I believe that with a little bit of help, small to medium size businesses can achieve much better results. I also believe that it's... Read more →

Dawn Crystal, Pain Release Expert & Sound Energy Healer

Pain Free Made Crystal Clear! My Sounds Unblock your Energy. Interview Dawn Crystal, a pain release expert, to get your audience out of pain in "minutes" over the air-waves, and to hear about her new book release: Pain Free Made Crystal Clear! (My Sounds Unblock your Energy). Experience "voice" sound healing to release emotional or physical pain in only "minutes" over the air-waves! Discover how the gift of "sound" found Dawn Crystal when she became homeless at the lowest point of her life. Experience Dawn Crystal's healing through her "voice" to clear your energy blocks that causes pain in the... Read more →

#5547: Viral Theory is seeking Authors

We are looking for guest experts or authors on politics and finance. The show is conservative leaning but is not far right. Looking for idea exchange more so that heated debate but intelligent debate is welcome and expected. Due to this request being general we are looking for the type of guest that can run with the current political or financial headlines and bring that back to their political area or option of expertise. We are very new but growing fast and are open to guests that are in the same situation. Show Name: * VIRAL THEORY Show Description: *... Read more →

#5546: Night Dreams Talk Radio is looking for Guest

We are looking for fun guest for our live and replay paranormal talk show! Night Dreams Talk Radio Our Week day host has had many years in the broadcast field! Do you have a book our some stories you want to share! Then you need to be on NIGHT Dreams Talk Radio. Show Name: * Night Dreams Talk Radio Show Description: * Night Dreams Talk Radio is a live internet paranormal talk radio show soon terrestrial radio also! We have a large world wide following! And its growing every night! Our main show is on Mon-Friday With our Host Gary... Read more →

#5543: Get Healthy Lose Weight is looking for a Health Expert

Anyone who is knowledgeable about health, weight loss or anti-aging. Show Name: * Get Healthy Lose weight Show Description: * Show helps support its listeners maintain a healthy lifestyle. The show features weekly motivations, healthy lifestyle and weight loss tips. The show is hosted by Deanna Lyn a certified health coach and licences esthetician. Deanna has discover the secretes for beauty and longevity. Show Host Name(s): Deanna Lyn Booking Contact for Interviews: * Deanna Lyn Booking Email Address: * deanna@beautyradionetwork.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 4,000 listeners mostly women Show Format: * Recorded podcast Station Call Letters... Read more →

#5542: The Career Hacking Podcast seeks Pros with Insights to Share

The Career Hacking Podcast is seeking high achievers who have practical, relatable, and actionable advice to share. We're looking for individuals with stories of their own journey to fast-track our listener's growth and unlock the potential within each of us. We strongly believe that a job should be more than ... just a job. Life is too short to live with consistent stressors, or settling less than one's capable of. What is your guiding purpose that drives you to make a positive impact? CHP strives to encourage listeners to discover their purpose and to build legacies that they can be... Read more →

Dr. Christopher Zoumalan, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Expert

Dr. Christopher Zoumalan, MD FACS, is a renowned Beverly Hills-based Board-Certified Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. An expert on scars, scar healing, cosmetic eye surgery, and plastic surgery, Dr. Christopher Zoumalan is available to discuss the revolutionary new advances in scar healing and scar creams, as well as eye surgery, cosmetic surgery, and all skin healing considerations, including how best to heal scars post-surgery and his comprehensive four step HEAL Protocol for Scar Treatment. Dr. Christopher Zoumalan can talk about his particular field of expertise, eye surgery, as well as answer any of your listeners' questions about cosmetic surgery. He... Read more →

#5539: Picking Sports Fatties is needing Sports Gamblers

Sports gamblers. Show Name: * Picking Sports Fatties Show Description: * We are a Washington Dc based, sports and sports gambling podcast. Looking for guests who are knowledgable about sports and sports gambling. We will be giving out our free weekly bets, trying to win ourselves and our listeners some cash! We will help them promote themselves in the sports gambling world. Show Host Name(s): Jay, Dave, Jeff, Rick Booking Contact for Interviews: * Jay Booking Email Address: * jaypags7@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * small, but growing. Show Format: * Recorded podcast Station Call Letters +... Read more →

#5541: iHeart Radio Sayin it Plain is looking for New Exciting Guests

We are Looking for authors or subject matter experts on political and social and cultural issues. We are looking for people who can not only educate our audience , but also spark and peak there interests. We are seeking Guest for both our Radio Show and our Video Webcast including possible guest hosts. Show Name: * Sayin it Plain Show Description: * Sayin it Plain is an upfront in your face issue based talk show that tackles politics and social and cultural issues. We keep you informed on issues that effect your community and the world we live in. The... Read more →