#5481 Author Central Station Virtual is looking for Romance Writers for Summer Series

Author Central Station is seeking guests (writers of romance fiction) for its Hot Fun in the Summertime Romance Series for 30 minute FB Live Interviews. This guest is a published author who is seeking to expand their "brandwidth" and has an entertaining story to share with our listeners. Show Name: * Author Central Station Virtual Show Description: * Author Central Station is a weekly radio show on AfrovibesRadio.com. The mission of the show is to feature a host of authors from different genre's that tantalize our worldwide audience. Our show's origin is the African Diaspora, and our goal is to... Read more →

Guest Requests Reserved for Premium Subscribers Today:

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Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers seeks Guests

Self Help Authors are wanted to share their thoughts on overcoming adversity. Show Name: * Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers Show Description: * Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers is a podcast dedicated to helping men and women adjust to life after periods of incarceration. Show Host Name(s): Rodney Mathers Booking Contact for Interviews: * Rodney Mathers Booking Email Address: * mathersrodney@yahoo.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 43,000 downloads over 182 episodes. Show Format: * Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format: * Published twice a month Website... Read more →

#5483: In Our Moms Basement is calling All Gamer's

We are looking for video gamer's to interview on our podcast. We are looking for someone who loves videos games just as much as we do and loves to share there experience with our viewers. Show Name: * In Our Moms Basement Show Description: * We are In Our Moms Basement and we love video games. Our show is based in NJ. Every 2 weeks we host a new show with the biggest news in video games! We cover all gaming platforms from PC, Xbox, PS and Nintendo! There is always gaming news coming out and we got it covered!... Read more →

#5480: Better Each Day is seeking Musicians and Songwriter

I have a weekly podcast that features musicians and songwriters of all levels. I prefer rock/folk and pop but good music is good music. Show Name: * Better Each Day Podcast Radio Show Show Description: * I have a weekly podcast that features musicians and songwriters of all levels. I prefer rock/folk and pop but good music is good music. I record via Skype, audio only, and I personally curate the content. Show Host Name(s): Bruce Hilliard Booking Contact for Interviews: * 360-581-7116 Booking Email Address: * bruce@bettereachday.me Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * I have 600+ subscribers... Read more →

Gordon Newton, Setting You Free From Your Timeshare

Gordon Newton is a timeshare exit expert and the Author of The Consumers Guide to Timeshare Exit. Timeshare exit scams are among the fastest growing but his company had helped thousands of consumers become "timeshare free" over the past 10+ years. Buying a timeshare seems like a good idea, but then reality hits: You can't use it when you need it and the annual fees go up regardless of whether or not you use it. Then when you try to sell your timeshare, you find that you are one of over 1,000,000 timeshare owners who want out of their timeshares.... Read more →

#5475: The Coaching Parlour is looking for a Metaphysical Expert in Astral Projection

I am looking for an EXPERT in Astral projection who can explain in PRACTICAL terms what it is, the benefits, and tips and honest advice on how one can get started and practice. I prefer one WHO HAS DONE research, published reports and/or books! Show Name: * The Coaching Parlour: Spiritual, Personal & Professional Development For The Soul Show Description: * The Coaching Parlour podcast with Certified Professional Coach and Ordained Metaphysical Minister & Practitioner, Danielle M. Holdman, CPC is a podcast centered around spiritual, personal and professional development for the soul. It is delivered through pep talks from Coach... Read more →

#5478: iHeart Radio The Jack Klassen Show seeks Rockmusic Expert

The Jack Klassen Show is looking for a Guest knowledgeable in rock history. A Guest who has personal account detailed stories about past on the road music tours would be great, but a well versed journalist of the era would also be good. A Guest with a good sense of humor will be able to maximize their enjoyment on the show. Heard on IHeartRadio's network as well as ITunes, Spreaker, and Stitcher Show Name: * The Jack Klassen Show Show Description: * Jack Klassen, the NextGen ShockJock! Take a trip down the rabbit hole and experience the absurdity with jack... Read more →

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#5476: Sports & Stuff is seeking Interesting Guests

We are looking for interesting guests to discuss a spectrum of sports-related topics. Show Name: * 'Sports & Stuff" Show Description: * 'Sports & Stuff' has a special focus on the business, policy, legal, and sociological aspects of sports. On the show we will also discuss the traditional sports radio game day aspects of sports. On 'Sports & Stuff' we have had many athletes, as well as politicians university athletic officials, movie directors, and other very interesting guests. We give guests a platform to share their points of view and lifes. Show Host Name(s): Paul Schneiderman Booking Contact for Interviews:... Read more →

#5474: Political Bomb Show needs Political Experts

We are seeking politicians, analysts, pundits, doctors, scientists, and professors to be on our show. Show Name: * Political Bomb Show Show Description: * We talk about politics and social issues of today. Our goal is to learn and teach the next generations history without political correctness. We talk about the way things were in the past and the way how things are today. Our show uses logic and common sense putting facts before feelings. Show Host Name(s): Rasean Blyden Booking Contact for Interviews: * Rasean Blyden Booking Email Address: * politicalbombshow@rehdogg.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: *... Read more →

#5472: Up The Score is looking for Sports Experts

Anything Sports Related that would bring eyes and ears to the show! Show Name: * Running Up The Score Show Description: * All Sports All the Time, hence why our punch line is "We Run up The Score on Sports Radio!". We are stationed out of Long Island New York, New York being the heart of Sports Radio and Media all together. We record our show live to bring in callers and everything then we turn it around to a podcast post production, We air it live on all the live streaming sites that are out there. Guests would want... Read more →

#5473: Marketing & Coffee seeks Authors

Authors & Writers. Show Name: * Marketing & Coffee Show Description: * So what should I do now that my book is published?? What should I do to get the word out and get more eyes on me? I wonder how many searches and articles should I read before I find the answer? Congratulations on publishing your book!!! Now, it's time to introduce yourself and your new title to the world!!! It's hard to make your name for yourself in the book industry especially if you are self-published. I can help you get your name "out there" with this gig.... Read more →

#5471: Life is Good wants Parenting Experts

We are looking for parenting experts for an upcoming show where we want to discuss "How to get your toddler/child to listen to you". Along with this topic we would also like to discuss balancing parenting with work/careers and overall marriage life. Show Name: * Life is Good Show Description: * Life is Good is a show about living life to the best of your potential, often featuring expert interviews and discussions, hosted by Rob Aguilar. Topics include, marriage, relationships, careers, self help, sexuality and parenting. Show Host Name(s): Rob Aguilar Booking Contact for Interviews: * Rob Aguilar Booking Email... Read more →

#5470: NewsRadio 92.3FM Winning with Annalee seeks Financial Expert

Looking for financial expert guests for our show. Winning with Annalee. Owner of Mainstay Financial Group, Annalee Leonard, is looking for guests for her weekly radio show, she's been on air for over 5 years with her radio show and local television show on BlabTV. Annalee has been a financial advisor for nearly 30 years. Show Name: * Winning with Annalee Show Description: * Annalee Leonard has been helping clients with retirement and legacy planning since 1989. She established Mainstay Financial Group in 2001 so she could ensure her clients were being served ethically and fairly. As an Investment Advisor... Read more →

#5469: Divine Complexion is helping you Walk in Your Best Skin

Plastic surgeons, dermatologists, skin brands, makeup brands, women foundations, skin treatments, nutritionist, foundations. Show Name: * Divine Complexion with your host Andrea Calle Show Description: * Divine Complexion with Andrea Calle. A podcast covering health, beauty and more. Things you need to achieve that divine complexion inside out. Interesting interviews and stories that will help you walk in your best skin. Show Host Name(s): Andrea Calle Booking Contact for Interviews: * Andrea Calle 954-300-2027 Booking Email Address: * andrea@divinecomplexion.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 25-65 68% women 32% men Show Format: * Recorded podcast Station Call Letters... Read more →

#5468: The Functional Sportsaholic is seeking Athletes/Retired Athletes

Athletes/Retired Athletes. Show Name: * The Functional Sportsaholic Show Description: * We're an unfiltered opinion-based show which examines the largest news stories of the day. We try to fairly discuss topics while addressing our own opinion. We also tell a lot of stories based on our own life experiences and have a ton of fun doing it. The Podcast is hosted by Sean (author of the 2018 Fantasy Football Almanac) and Sam, who have been best friends for twenty years. We like the environment of our show to feel like we're having a conversation at a bar and we want... Read more →

SmartLinx Podcast seeks Innovative SMEs Guests

We are interested in experts on topics of: Interest to the long-term care industry because we develop workforce management solutions for this vertical. They would want to participate in our blog because we offer a very engaged, targeted audience. We also will share any leads generated, so that they can market to them as well. We may expand our focus down the road to include manufacturing, government and hospitality verticals. Show Name: * SmartLinx Podcast Show Description: * Our podcast is based in Edison, NJ, but our audience is nationwide. Topics range from HR to security to housing and more... Read more →

Between The Lines (BTL) is Saluting Dads

A special series of interviews on Between The Lines with dads for men in general as well as women. Both genders bring value to the relationship and parenting, however, over time, the perception has been that more focus is always on the women or mothers. Not that there should be any competition but we do need to give praise and respect for those men handling their business at home as a father and spouse. Show Name: * Between The Lines (BTL) Show Description: * Here's to a flip in the script of giving men a bad rep! If you're a... Read more →

#5463: The Abundantly Successful Show seeks Entrepreneurs

If you are a successful entrepreneur who: Has valuable insights and content to share that will help conscious entrepreneurs turn their passion into a successful and thriving business then we would like to have you on the show. Show Name: * The Abundantly Successful Show Show Description: * The Abundantly Successful Show is a powerful, inspirational, motivational and educational show for conscious entrepreneurs who want to embody their divine gifts, make a bigger impact in the world and create more success and freedom in their life. This is a brand new show which will be released July 10th on YouTube,... Read more →

#5465: Crazy-Cheap Marketing Show is seeking Small Business Marketing and Sales Experts

Looking for advertising and marketing experts for small businesses. On my podcast, we talk about marketing and advertising tactics known to increase sales for brick and mortar businesses. I write a column for MoneyInc and your information will be considered for mention in the column. Show Name: * Crazy-Cheap Marketing Show Show Description: * Looking for advertising and marketing experts for small businesses. On my podcast, we talk about marketing and advertising tactics known to increase sales for brick and mortar businesses. I write a column for MoneyInc and your information will be considered for mention in the column. No... Read more →

#5466: Happy Writing is looking for Authors

We are looking for published authors who consider themselves an expert in either writing or a very specific area of social media, marketing, or branding. This is for a small but engaged audience who expects high value and a very targeted outcome from each monthly influencer. Guests of this portion of our brand give interviews only accessible by our members. Influencers must be able to submit a query including their area of expertise, talking points, where I can find their social media and their books, and be willing to do a thirty minute recorded video about the assigned topic. Show... Read more →

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#5464: Kelissa In The Morning Show needs Mental Health Experts

Mental Health Experts on advising on the mental effects of being in a religious cult. Show Name: * Kelissa In The Morning Show Show Description: * Kelissa In The Morning Show currently has a segment running which she interviews members of a religious cult which she also used to be a member of. They are appearing on the show as featured guest to tell their stories of abuses experienced while in the cult. Many of them are having a hard time Dealing with the effects of being in the Cult or on the compound. Show Host Name(s): Kelissa Bass Booking... Read more →

#5462: SoulStream Radio is looking for Paranormal Experts

We are interested in UFO, Cryptid, Mediumship and Paranormal guests with compelling stories and books to share who interview well and enjoy being on the air. Our ideal guest is knowledgeable about his or her subject and is comfortable in a dynamic interview on the air with callers asking unusual questions. Show Name: * SoulStream Radio Show Description: * SoulStream Radio is a show dedicated to exploring the unusual and paranormal and we feature guests who can not only talk about their experiences but also to interact with the audience and more deeply discuss the fascinating subject of paranormal, UFO,... Read more →

#5461: The Success Matters Podcast Show is seeking Online Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial Business Owners that are looking to share: Their knowledge, experience and expertise to build and grow their own online business via The Success Matters Podcast guest program. Show Name: * The Success Matters Podcast Show Show Description: * Welcome to The Success Matters Podcast by Dr. Mark Zupo! This is a starting point for you to get access to the dynamic presentations and Success Mastery industry updates. Get connected, stay tuned, follow us, recommend us and use us to learn the tips, tricks, methods and formulas for your ultimate success as an entrepreneur. The weekly Success Matters Podcast episodes... Read more →

Douglas Smythe, Male Grooming Expert: Men, You Have Been Shaving Wrong!

Douglas Smythe is an expert in the art of traditional shaving, effective razor designs, soapmaking, and perfuming. Douglas believes that we have been lied to for years by major multiblade razor companies. And, we have been inadvertently hurting ourselves by using their cheap, plastic, "one size fits all" razors. He has made it his mission to wake folks up about the "Cartridge Conspiracy" and make everyone aware of much more effective ways of shaving. These include time-tested methods that are 1) Better for your face, 2) Better for your wallet, and 3) Better for the planet! He would like to... Read more →

1620 AM Winning With Annalee is looking for Guest Speakers

I'm looking for a motivational speaker/book author, preferably a woman because of a non-profit organization we have. Show Name: * Winning With Annalee Show Description: * Seeking guests for a weekly radio show that's broadcast in North Florida/South Alabama. Annalee Leonard of Mainstay Financial Group is the host of the "Winning with Annalee" radio and local television show of the same name. Looking for business leaders, financial experts, medical experts, women empowering other women, etc. Show Host Name(s): Annalee Leonard Booking Contact for Interviews: * KC Ives Booking Email Address: * kc@mainstayfg.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: *... Read more →

New York 103.9 FM WMAP Radio ("World's Most Amazing People") seeks Successful People

Watch for our book "Simply Amazing" which will be released on Labor Day. Please email if you would like to be included in the next edition of "World's Most Amazing People." Show Name: * WMAP Radio ("World's Most Amazing People") Show Description: * Our entire station, 24/7, is devoted to interviewing people who are heroic in their own ways. Most have overcome life challenges of some kind to achieve peace and productivity. Our interviews showcase the unique strengths of each individual and the outcome of their hard work, whether that outcome is improved mental, physical or emotional health or a... Read more →