The Segilola Salami Show is calling Publishing Experts

Authors, Bloggers, Service providers. Basically anyone who has anything to say that is related to publishing or would be useful to self published authors or book lovers in general. For instance, if you are a lawyer, can you talk about copyright issues? Show Name: * The Segilola Salami Show Show Description: * The Segilola Salami Show is set in a virtual cafe. On the show we discuss issues around publishing especially as it affects self published authors. We also review a self published book by one of the guest authors on the show. There are numerous benefits to guests for... Read more →

The George Wilder Jr. Show wants to get Witty

Authors. The show host is a writer and author that gives us something in common. The show is fun and relaxing, sometimes more like a conversation than an interview. Show Name: * The George Wilder Jr. Show Show Description: * It is an internet radio show, very popular. The host is always engaging and things can get interesting. The topic are what the guests and callers will talk about. It is fun and engaging. Show Host Name(s): George Wilder Jr. Booking Contact for Interviews: * George Wilder Jr. Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show:... Read more →

Unstoppable Coach needs Successful Coaches

Wanted: Coaches (life, health, business, etc.) making a full-time living from their coaching business. Show Name: * Unstoppable Coach Show Description: * The Unstoppable Coach podcast is for coaches who want to start or grow their coaching business by being inspired, learning from experts, and taking action to create an unstoppable business. I interview coaches every week day about how they grew their business. I focus on learning practical advice and strategies that my audience can implement to grow their business. I have a set interview format (questions are given to you ahead of time). You will have the opportunity... Read more →

Meningitis News Podcast wants Meningitis Experts

We are seeking guests who have had an experience with: Meningitis either through loss of a loved one, having an experience yourself or as a medical professional to share your personal story and/or information about meningitis. Show Name: * Meningitis News Podcast Show Description: * Meningitis News is an ongoing series of interviews, media updates and alerts surrounding cases and meningitis outbreaks. Meningitis News aims to disseminate news and educate the public about meningitis. Meningitis News is a weekly broadcast that delivers information on meningitis related to outbreaks, vaccinations, medical conditions and other important subjects related to meningitis. Meningitis News... Read more →

WYCB 1340 AM Dr. Eve Taylor seeks Veteran Experts

Professionals, authors, business leaders and guests who can speak to: The needs of veterans offering information about their programs that will help veterans. Show Name: * Dr. Eve Taylor, Host Show Description: * My radio program on Radio One WYCB 1340 AM every Monday at 11 am feature guests includes Senators, Lawyers, Educators, Authors, Business Leaders i.e AARP, American Legion, Psychologist and Military Leaders and many more who speak to the heart of the issues veterans face in regards to their benefits and more. Show Host Name(s): Discover Your Why Veterans Radio Talk Forum Booking Contact for Interviews: * Dr.... Read more →

Todd Thomas, Mind Game Expert & Confidence Master Coach

Todd Thomas is an expert at winning and dominating the mind game which includes the all important trait of confidence. His message is one of encouragement, inspiration, and motivation that each person has within them untapped potential that has a purpose in this world. Todd is looking to share his new book, The 'IT' Factor Action Guide, his mind game coaching, and his availability as a Keynote, Featured, and Breakout Speaker for events of all sizes. His specialty is sharing his "Todd Talk" titled "How To Get Out of Your Own Way and Be a Better 'BLANK'". Chapter 4 of... Read more →

Lets Face It w/ Wil Strayhorn & Friends is looking For Amazing, Energetic, Informative Guests

Looking for guests who have information that can help motivate listeners to live their BEST lives ever. If you have experience or knowledge in an area that you would like to share with our listeners and followers, YOU ARE WHO WE WANT TO SPEAK TO!. Show Name: * Lets Face It w/ Wil Strayhorn & Friends Show Description: * Show created to Educate, Empower and Inspire people to transform their situations for the better and to begin to live their BEST life ever. Whether discussing Personal Growth or Spirituality or Sex & Relationships, NO TOPIC IS EVER TABOO! Show Host... Read more →

Featured Publicist: Frazier Public Relations

Are you looking for a smart public relations program that gets results? Are you an author who needs help promoting your book, getting press and interviews, film options, or securing broader distribution? We have several feature films being produced for our authors. Click to email or call us at 540-338-1545. One of our referring publishers calls us "Rock Stars!" Learn more here... If you’re looking for publicity help, please consider this sponsor to support our free service! See our Featured and Recommended Publicists & PR Firms here. Would you like to be interviewed on radio and podcasts? Our web... Read more →

Mature Preneurs Talk 2 Diana ToddBanks seeks 50Plus Guests

Mature Preneurs Talk Guests are real change agents having started a new business, much needed community group or other social enterprise after turning 50 or other intriguing project. In most cases doing this because they identified a real need in the community and market place while still having a need themselves. Over 50's represent an Untapped Gold Mine full of creative people looking to do more with the third chapter of their life. Show Name: * Mature Preneurs Talk 2 Diana ToddBanks Show Description: * Have you started or thinking of starting a new venture or business, are seeking to... Read more →

John Lagoudakis dot com Podcast needs Business Guests

An ideal guest would be someone with a lot of experience and enthusiasm. Anyone that can offer great insights into business, marketing and personal development topics. Online marketing experts are usually preferred but not always. Show Name: * John Lagoudakis dot com Podcast Show Description: * This podcast is all about helping business owners, entrepreneurs and startups, especially with online marketing strategies. Topics we cover include (but are not limited to): - Lead generation strategies - Motivation - Increasing website conversions - Sales strategies - Marketing Show Host Name(s): John Lagoudakis Booking Contact for Interviews: * John Lagoudakis Booking Email... Read more →

Guest Requests Reserved for Premium Subscribers Today:

Today our Premium emails had more Guest Requests than you see in this Free Edition. These included requests for experts on: Movies Arts Business Authors Marketing Want us to email you ALL our Guest Requests so you can get more interviews? Learn more here now. (Free Trial!) Read more →

GSMC Fantasy Football Experts seeks Fantasy Guests

Fantasy football experts. Show Name: * GSMC Fantasy Football Experts Show Description: * Golden State Media Concepts’ Fantasy Football Podcast is your one-stop shop for Fantasy Football news and advice. From who you should draft in the first round to how you should set your line-up to who are the new, hot sleepers, we’ve got you covered. We’ll cover traditional leagues, dynasty leagues, PPR leagues, I.D.P. leagues, even daily fantasy football leagues. Come join us as we break down all the questions of Fantasy Football. Show Host Name(s): Tate Booking Contact for Interviews: * Tate Booking Email Address: * Read more →

The Douglas Coleman Show needs Entertainment Experts

The Douglas Coleman Show seeks experts from the: Entertainment industry including musicians, actors, film makers and authors to political and social commentators. Show Name: * The Douglas Coleman Show Show Description: * The Douglas Coleman show is a syndicated talk and music show that features fascinating and sometimes famous guests from all walks of life. From the entertainment industry including musicians, actors, film makers and authors to political and social commentators. We cover it all. The topics can range from light and fluffy to sober and serious. The Douglas Coleman show, sometimes chat, sometimes music, always entertaining. Show Host Name(s):... Read more →

Stretchyourself The Empowerment Podcast wants You

Business owners looking to share their success stories and gain more exposure advertising their business product or service. Show Name: * STRETCHYOURSELF The Empowerment Podcast Show Description: * Podcasts will air bi monthly and will focus on varies areas of business and relationships. 3 Categories Success Mindset (gratitude & inspiration) (mindset and focus shifting) Business Mindset (business and life strategies) Marketing & Advertising Client & Customer relationships Best Business Practices How I STRETCH myself Business Success Stories Show Host Name(s): Ron Broussard Booking Contact for Interviews: * Ron Broussard 678-743-1861 Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for... Read more →

BedLoveBeyond is seeking a Recently Engaged Couple

How does it feel to be finally being on the next journey of love? Show Name: * BedLoveBeyond Show Description: * The podcast is a place to discuss sex, love, and whatever's clever with like minded people, who are in limbo with love like us. We're based in New Jersey. Our topics vary from dating after divorce, falling in love with potential, is giving the keys to your place a big deal, etc. This particular episode isn't to berate the guest. Not at all. This is just another facet in relationships my co-host and I would like to discuss. More... Read more →

Whosgonnatakecareofme seeks Alzheimers Dementia Experts

We are looking for a guest with diverse experiences with Alzheimer's/Dementia sufferers. Show Name: * Whosgonnatakecareofme Show Description: * The show highlights awareness to loved ones and family members that are new to experience this disease with their loved one. Choosing the right facility, sundowning, day to day activities coping with other family etc. We touch on many diverse topics that strike home and will be of a information source to get through this very trying disease. Show Host Name(s): Butch Grimes Booking Contact for Interviews: * Gilmore Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show:... Read more →

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Today our Premium emails also had invitations for interviews about: Religion Spirituality Wellness Health Premium subscribers get more interview requests, and can even pick specific topics of requests: Learn more here now. (Free Trial!) Read more →

Power Up Mornings Are You Ready To Be Seen

WE are looking for guest who specialize in Health, Wealth, & Growth. We are all Things Green. We have both radio and TV platforms available. Show Name: * Power Up Mornings Show Description: * We are Power Up Mornings on We have over 9M viewers in over 50 countries worldwide. We promote all things Green: Health, Wealth, & Growth. We inspire, empower, and power you up every morning. Show Host Name(s): Professor Keba Green Booking Contact for Interviews: * AngelaMarie Pacley, Marketing/Booking 717-693-7799 Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 9M+ viewers 50... Read more →

Ask The Beauty Advisor needs Health and Beauty Experts

Looking for experts in the health and beauty field. "Ask The beauty advisor" is in the top 200 iTunes podcasts in the fashion and beauty category, with over 5,000 downloads a month. Get more exposure for your products, service or books. Show Name: * Ask The Beauty Advisor Show Description: * "Ask the beauty advisor" is a fun and informative podcast that answers your health and beauty questions. This is a podcast for people who are seriously interested in maintaining their health and youthfulness. With host Deanna lyn who not only answers listeners questions, but also shares the latest health... Read more →

Moving Mountains with Sasha is seeking Entrepreneurs & Artists

Moving Mountains with Sasha welcomes global talents in the field of entrepreneurship and creative arts. This includes business owners, executives, start up companies, global thought shifters, book authors, song writers, musicians, singers, actors and more! Share your unique talents and stories with the world through the Sasha Talks platform. Season 3 of Moving Mountains chooses to share its presence with movers & shakers ready to educate the audiences through their passion and their struggles molding them into who they've become today. Show Name: * Moving Mountains with Sasha Show Description: * Moving Mountains with Sasha is a show, podcast and... Read more →

Dean Michael, The Tax Doctor: Founder of Tax Help MD

Dean Michael has been helping individuals and businesses resolve back tax problems for more than 20 years. More than 25 years ago Dean found himself at odds with the IRS. At that time he found the help that he needed and figured he couldn't be the only one in this country making these types of tax mistakes. So he researched and found that 1 out of every 3 people in the country have back tax problems. He surrounded himself with tax professionals and learned everything he could about the tax resolution industry. Now Dean teaches CPA's, Enrolled Agents and Tax... Read more →

Not Enough Podcast seeking Pop Culture Guests

We here at Not Enough Podcast are looking for guests involved in pop culture, the arts, or media. We are a relatively new podcast looking to discuss pop culture with a guest and learn more about the artistic or production process. Show Name: * Not Enough Podcast Show Description: * This is a new podcast about pop culture where we review, analyze, and discuss anything from TV to movies, to books, to music. The hosts are college students with listeners who are mostly college students as well. We have three main segments with extra discussions if time allows. We record... Read more →

Dr. Zoe Shaw Redefining Your Superwoman needs Superwomen

Looking for Superwomen who have overcome obstacles in their lives or professionals who work with: Women and have encouraging, useful tools, skills, stories to uplift busy women who are doing it all. I prefer guests with a social media presence. Show Name: * Dr. Zoe Shaw Redefining Your Superwoman Show Description: * Dr. Zoe Shaw's Radio Show is all about Redefining Your Superwoman. Dr. Shaw helps Superwomen keep their mind in the game by providing encouragement, tips/ tricks, life skills and camaraderie focusing on issues that superwomen deal with in their daily life (marriage, dating, parenting, life transitions, self/love, self/care,... Read more →

Vegan Breakthrough is seeking Veganism Experts

We are looking for Vegan Experts and Advocates, who has something valuable to share with our audience, for example: - How to improve your health on a Vegan diet? - How to build muscles on a Vegan diet? - Reasons why people should go Vegan? - How to make a transition to Veganism easier? - etc. Show Name: * Vegan Breakthrough Show Description: * We inspire, promote and celebrate Veganism as a way of life that encompasses compassion for everyone. We address commonly asked questions about being a vegan, including those about living a healthy vegan lifestyle, vegan nutrition, animal... Read more →

The NAKED Talk with Alex Okoroji needs Expert Guests

Global Influencers creating: Impact with their work, an achiever who isn't afraid to be AUTHENTIC and has a life story that will EMPOWER the listeners. I motivate my guests to "Tell it like it is" and help my listeners build a presence of mind while finding their voice on the show. Show Name: * The NAKED Talk with Alex Okoroji Show Description: * This is a LIVE Unscripted & Uncut International Radio Show, hosted by Nigerian Actress & Award Winning Media Personality - broadcast from inside Africa to the world - syndicated on 12 Global Networks with over 3.6 Million... Read more →

iHeart Radio's No Small Victories seeks Autism Experts

No Small Victories radio show is looking for experts, parents, supporters, and service providers for those on the autism spectrum. Any topics beneficial to the autism community will be considered. Show Name: * No Small Victories Radio Show Description: * No Small Victories radio show airs on global radio network W4WN Radio. W4WN is the Women 4 Women network, consisting of programming geared at women. As a partner of iHeart Radio W4WN is the world’s #1 Ranked Women’s internet radio station with listeners in all 197 countries and all United States. Airing every Wednesday at 7:00 PM (EST) NSV Online... Read more →

The Dr. Briar Lee Mitchell Show is seeking Animal Authors, Artists and Activists

If you do research about animals. Any and all of them - fish, birdies, mammals, reptiles... or capture their soul and likeness in a photo, painting or book. If you are on the front lines, fighting for their lives and their are who I would LOVE to interview on my show. Show Name: * The Dr. Briar Lee Mitchell Show Show Description: * My show airs live Monday nights, 7-8PM, EST. The show is light and friendly conversation. You are encouraged to submit a few questions (not necessary though), and, to provide websites where your work is showcased that... Read more →

Product Announcement: Bobby Junior releases debut CD "Warm Winds"

Inspired to follow in his guitar player/tech father, Bobby Junior started with Devon Allman at age 18 and now at age 26 is touring with legendary jam band Rusted Root. Expert Name and Title: * Bobby Junior Interview this Expert About: * Growing up with a musician father. Touring with Devon Allman for 4 years & playing with Gregg Allman, Warren Haynes & Govt Mule, His current band, Rusted Root & his debut CD Warm Winds 3-4 Sample Radio Interview Questions for the Expert: * Your dad was a guitar player & technician for bands including Green Day and Areosmith.... Read more →