#5635: The Credit and Funding Summit seeks Credit Repair & Business Funding Experts

We are looking for experts and industry professionals who we can feature for an upcoming virtual summit on credit and funding. We are looking for individuals who are well versed in tips, tools, and resources for individuals who are looking to obtain business credit/funding as well as individuals who want to restore and maintain their credit. We are open to professionals who can also talk about no money or low money down ways to fund real estate investment or other alternative investment strategies. This will be a video interview or video presentation and the session will last approximately 60-90 minutes.... Read more →

#5637: Night Dreams Talk Radio talks Paranormal and Conspiracy

Night Dreams Talk Radio is becoming a leader in talk Paranormal and Conspiracy! Do you have a story or a book you want our listeners to know about! We have a very large World wide listenership! And at this time looking for fun guest! Show Name: * NIGHT DREAMS TALK RADIO Show Description: * Night Dreams Talk Radio Covers the Paranormal and Conspiracy! We broadcast live! Monday-Friday with our main host Gary Anderson 7-9 pm P.S.T. And Sat with our weekend host the Paranormal Lawyer from &-10 pm P.S.T. Sundays 1-2 pm P.S.T. With the show UFO I Team Show... Read more →

#103: Heal Better Fast Podcast seeks Health Experts

The ideal guest for my show would be Health Practitioners and Enthusiasts using evidence-based methods to help their patients or clients heal better quickly. Show Name: * Heal Better Fast Podcast Show Description: * Bridging the gap between alternative health care and mainstream medicine utilizing everything good to help you feel great! Show Host Name(s): Dr. Michael Pound Booking Contact for Interviews: * Dr. Pound Booking Email Address: * drpound@healbetterfast.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 30-49 year old weekend warriors Show Format: * Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone +... Read more →

#5636: Dare to be Authentic wants to Hear Your Story

Guest that has a story of how being authentic has enhanced their life. Show Name: * Dare to be Authentic Show Description: * Dare to be Authentic Radio offers radio show GUEST spots with leading coaches, authors, therapists, mentors, teachers, healers and others who have found how authenticity has enhanced their life. We interview guests weekly. The interview is 30 minutes long and focused completely on the guest and their story. Show Host Name(s): Mari Mitchell Booking Contact for Interviews: * Mari MItchell 954 243-7297 Booking Email Address: * marimitchellcoaching@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 3400+ listeners... Read more →

#5622: The My Future Business Show is looking for You

The My Future Business Show is looking for existing business owners. Who are keen to share their knowledge and experience, and gain more market exposure to help grow their business. Show Name: * The My Future Business Show Show Description: * The My Future Business Show is a popular business-focused show that gives existing business owners a channel through which to share their knowledge, and in turn, help grow their business through increased exposure. As a business owner, if you are accepted for a call, you will not only receive additional exposure for your business, but you will also have... Read more →

#5634: Living & Thriving with Rustie, Inspiration on TAP (c) is Back

Spiritual folks, motivational, Healers, Healing, Those with a story that will help inspire others. Those who want to teach about how to LIVE & Thrive! Show Name: * Living & Thriving with Rustie, Inspiration on TAP (c) Show Description: * Living & Thriving with Rustie is a show that is hosted in a down to earth, sitting on the couch chatting style. The purpose is to help others get through their journey. I like to call this show the "healing tool box" filled with many options for anyones journey. This is a show that offers all types of view points... Read more →

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#5633: All That Is Podcast is in search of Peace, Love and Understanding

All That Is Podcast with Sergei Davidoff is focused on gathering stories of how humans navigate their existence in search of peace, love and understanding. Show Name: * All That Is Podcast Show Description: * All That Is Podcast with Sergei Davidoff is focused on gathering stories of how humans navigate their existence in search of peace, love and understanding. I talk with scientists and theologians, artists and teachers. We talk about personal experiences of spirituality and faith from around the world. Show Host Name(s): Sergei Davidoff Booking Contact for Interviews: * Sergei Davidoff Booking Email Address: * Applepictures1@gmail.com Audience... Read more →

#5632: The Bottom Line with Shahdrick Samson is seeking Experts

We are looking for experts in Law, Politics, Technology, and Business. Show Name: * The Bottom Line with Shahdrick Samson Show Description: * A television and online talk show that features pressing issues in the current state of affairs, news headlines, and interviews with leaders in politics, business, technology, movies, music, academia, financial services, healthcare, sports, religious, and more. Show Host Name(s): Shahdrick Samson Booking Contact for Interviews: * Booking Manager Booking Email Address: * info@ncdcconsulting.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Roughly 500k. Men and women ages 18 - 65 Show Format: * Recorded podcast Video webcast... Read more →

#5631: iHeart Radio's The Scooda Radio Show is looking for Motivating Guests

We are looking to get fun, motivating guests! Show Name: * The Scooda Radio Show Show Description: * The Scooda Radio Show is a show that motivates, encourages & inspires it's audience! We also promote and share a platform for businesses, ministries, organizations & more! We have a growing fan base and are looking to maximize on bringing people together! Show Host Name(s): Scooda Booking Contact for Interviews: * Sean 'Scooda' Thomas Booking Email Address: * radio@iamscooda.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Wide Variety of listeners from all ages Show Format: * Broadcast radio show Internet radio... Read more →

Between The Lines (BTL) seeks Speakers

Between The Lines seeks guests who are willing to share where and how to get speaking gigs or engagements. This includes live, face to face and online; free and paid. Many authors wish to increase their visibility, market penetration, credibility and expand into speaking as a form of revenue generation and need to learn from those who have been there and done that to share their journey. So established Speakers, persons from Speaker Bureaus or anyone related to the speaking industry is being asked to submit their information for being a guest on my show. Show Name: * Between The... Read more →

Casey Stubbs, Marketing Expert, Army Veteran, and Entrepreneur

Casey is an expert in enhanced marketing strategies, growing your business through increased authority and visibility, and teaching proven strategies to increase your cash flow. In January 2009, Casey launched his first trading business which generated over $6 million in revenue before being acquired. After transitioning from the Army to become a successful entrepreneur, Casey can share the enhanced marketing strategies that you need to be using today in order to increase your online presence and authority. He likes to teach business owners and other hard working but traditionally employed Americans how to increase their cash flow, and how to... Read more →

#5626: Talk in the Night seeking Paranormal Experts

My show is mostly geared towards the paranormal so those are the guests that I am looking for. I would like guests from all genres to come on the show and share their expertise. I am seeking guests with expertise in the paranormal, Health, Dating and Relationships, Politics, Conspiracy theories, and anything else you have expertise in. Show Name: * Talk in the Night Show Description: * Talk in the Night is mostly a show about the paranormal and all aspects of it from ghost and spirits to UFO's and Bigfoot however the show has had guest on the show... Read more →

#5628: The eBattle is seeking Entrepreneurs Who Had to Fight for Success

I am looking for self made entrepreneurs who had to scratch, crawl and bleed their way to success. Show Name: * The eBattle Show Description: * What’s up Champions my name is Ryan and welcome to The Entrepreneur Battle. If your an entrepreneur or wantrepreneur looking to develop your skills, start a business or may be you want to reach new levels of success. This is the show for you. Join me every Thursday as I interview a successful entrepreneur. I’m not talking about people who created an app at 17 and became billionaires. These are entrepreneurs who had to... Read more →

#5627: WDTK 101.5 FM The People’s Voice seeks High Profile Guests

Current events. Show Name: * The People’s Voice Show Description: * As Wes Berry himself says it, “As the show’s host, I’m being guided by the principle that reasonable people can disagree without being disagreeable. Polite discourse of controversial subjects is fundamental to a civil society; and The Success Factor is committed to providing a forum where opposing views can be respectfully exchanged.” Show Host Name(s): Wes Berry Booking Contact for Interviews: * Wes Berry Booking Email Address: * wesleyberry7@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Difficult to estimate audience size as it fluctuates depending on the guest.... Read more →

#5463: The Abundantly Successful Show seeks Entrepreneurs

If you are a successful entrepreneur who: Has valuable insights and content to share that will help conscious entrepreneurs turn their passion into a successful and thriving business then we would like to have you on the show. Show Name: * The Abundantly Successful Show Show Description: * The Abundantly Successful Show is a powerful, inspirational, motivational and educational show for conscious entrepreneurs who want to embody their divine gifts, make a bigger impact in the world and create more success and freedom in their life. This is a brand new show which will be released July 10th on YouTube,... Read more →

#5625: Nitch Radio wants to Hear From You

Ambitious, driven, positive, grateful, optimistic, honest and authentic. Show Name: * Nitch Radio Show Description: * Nitch Radio is an interview style podcast show I produce which captures the journeys, lessons, and experiences of the influencers, leaders, athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs that I find inspiring. We focus on being healthy, wealthy, and wise. Show Host Name(s): Kyle A Nitchen Booking Contact for Interviews: * Kyle A Nitchen Booking Email Address: * kyle@kylenitch.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 1000+ downloads per month -millennial -70%/30% - men /women -ambitious, driven, authentic, positive Show Format: * Recorded podcast Station Call... Read more →

#5621: Occupation Unknown needs Publicly Visible Guests

Publicly visible guests such as actors, musicians, etc. Show Name: * Occupation Unknown Show Description: * Based on the 1950s guessing game show "What's My Line", Occupation Unknown is a recreation in today's modern age utilizing video conferencing technology to continue the fun. Each episode will feature at least two contestants where an occupation will be guessed by the group of panelists as well as a mystery guest. It is the panels job to identify the mystery guest by using yes or no questions and after 10 no responses, the guest wins the game. To benefit your appearance on our... Read more →

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#5624: EduTechGuys seeks Technology, Education Experts

We want guests with technology backgrounds to talk about their education and the role technology played in it. How did they use technology? How did technology help/hinder their education? What technology do they use in their present role? Show Name: * EduTechGuys Show Description: * Two guys who love to talk tech and education, helping folks share their own stories of the convergence (or divergence) of technology and education. We reach more than 2200 listeners per weekly show plus more than 7000 Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook followers specifically interested in education and technology. We love to hear stories that inspire... Read more →

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