James Miller | Lifeology is looking for Self-Help Experts

James Miller | Lifeology, a nationally syndicated radio show and podcast is looking for inspirational guests who are seeking a: Promotional interview to promote their new book, event, product, or GoFundMe campaign that is inspirationally based or self-help related. Currently Lifeology has an average of 3,066,000 listeners per episode. Lifeology is currently in the review phase with iHeart Radio and will be hosted on their platform shortly. Your paid promotional interview ($75) will be conducted via a Skype audio call. Please visit https://www.jamesmillerlifeology.com/store/23-minute-promotional-audio-interview/ to request your interview. Be sure to listen to at least one of Jame's episodes before you... Read more →

The George Wilder Jr. Show seeks Motivational Speakers

Motivation speakers. People who dedicated in helping those, pertaining to their own life experiences. They would want to appear because they are trying to reach those who would likely benefits from what they say. Show Name: * The George Wilder Jr. Show. Show Description: * The George Wilder Jr. Show is an internet radio talk show. There have been a variety of guests who have appeared to talk about anything pertaining helping others. We also talk whatever is going on in the world and try to make it better. It is a show that is out of the City of... Read more →

Rockin Country Show is seeking Artists

We are looking for Rock, Southern Rock, and Hardcore country artists, Indie or signed. Interviews are an hour or less, and your music will be played. Show Name: * Rockin country Show Show Description: * Rockin Country, airs on Country Blast Radio, every Monday night at 9pm eastern. Now in it's second season on award winning Country Blast Radio, with listeners in over 140 countries. All guests are by phone, and live. Show Host Name(s): Alan Firestone, Bruce Lev Booking Contact for Interviews: * Alan Firestone Booking Email Address: * alan@rockincountryshow.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * world-wide,... Read more →

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Expert: Steve Aukstakalnis

Steven Aukstakalnis (Awk-sta-call-niss) is an author, research scientist, instructor and tech evangelist in the area of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). His new book, Practical Augmented Reality (Pearson, 2016), is a guide to the technologies, applications, and human factors for AR and VR. It has been reviewed as a "blockbuster of a technical masterpiece" as Steve discusses all aspects of these powerful new tools that are taking the tech world by storm. Imagine walking through the interior of a new building design months before construction begins. Or taking a classroom of grade school students diving for an hour... Read more →

Your Weekly Dose is looking for Guests

We are currently looking for singer/songwriters, musicians, actors/actress and comedians. Show Name: * Your Weekly Dose Show Description: * Hosted by singer-songwriter/guitarist Sean Roberts, Your Weekly Dose brings fresh talk while paying homage to LA's famed Mark & Brian Show, The Brian & Jill Show and Mark in the Morning radio show. Along with actor/writer Steve Silva, actress Victoria Schneider and PJ (Producer Jamie), they quip on current events, interview a wide range of guests, throw in comedy sketches and perform regular features that'll leave you in stitches, not to mention playing the hilariously challenging trivia game "Quiz me, Quiz... Read more →

Confession Radio is looking for People Who Like to Help Others

I'm looking for some people who like to help other people. The audience sends in issues that they need answers to and I want to open this up to more than just my thoughts. I have had an awesome response on this and want to keep it going. I started this idea in Jan 2017 and already have over 100,000 downloads, about 1,000 + a day! Please email me at show contact info. Show Name: * Confession Radio Show Description: * This unique show engages the audience with a variety of topics that range from light and humorous to deep... Read more →

Police Academy Podcast needs Polygraph Expert

Someone with experience doing police polygraphs, specifically during the hiring process, and is up to date on current polygraph technologies. Show Name: * Police Academy Podcast Show Description: * The no spin, no apologies truth about all things police. Hosted by former officer Terence Herrick. Show Host Name(s): Terence Herrick Booking Contact for Interviews: * Terence Booking Email Address: * policeacademypodcast@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 1400 - 1700 listeners Demographics vary from young to middle aged. Many listeners are civilians interested in law enforcement while others are just interested in learning more about the realities of... Read more →

It should have been YOU…

Today our Premium emails had more Guest Requests than you see in this Free Edition. These included interview requests for experts on Relationships Family Law Crime Current Affairs Get ALL of our Guest Requests so you can get more interviews! Learn more here now. (Free Trial!) Read more →

After Hours With Tee seeks Celebrities

After Hours With Tee needs celebrities. Show Name: * After hours with tee Show Description: * An interview so listeners can hear from different from different walks of life. Show Host Name(s): Tee Booking Contact for Interviews: * Teethemodel@gmail.com Booking Email Address: * teethemodel@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 60+ Show Format: * Internet radio show Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time Zone + Format: * Tuesdays , Blogtalkradio , & Online Website URL: * https://goo.gl/ycd3VL Show URL: * https://goo.gl/ycd3VL Read more →

iHeart Radio No Small Victories Radio seeks Autism Experts

Ideal guests would be those who can offer something that will benefit the autism community: Parents, educators, supporters, etc. Someone with insight, expertise or tips for those in the autism community. Show Name: * No Small Victories Radio Show Description: * No Small Victories Radio is a radio show on global radio network W4WN Radio. W4WN is the Women 4 Women network, consisting of programming geared at women. As a partner of iHeart Radio W4WN is the world’s #1 Ranked Women’s internet radio station with listeners in all 197 countries and all United States. Jacqueline’s new show will air every... Read more →

Discover Your Dog seeks Dog Professionals

Looking for dog trainers and behaviorists to interview on: Specific dog behaviors and issues, with a focus on giving our audience better ways to make their dogs a great part of the family. Show Name: * Discover Your Dog Show Description: * This is Discover Your Dog. The show that demystifies your dog's behavior so you can get the best results from your dog training. Professional dog trainer Bennie Copeland teaches us that we are ALWAYS communicating with our dogs. The goal of this show is to build your awareness of WHAT you are communicating to your dog at any... Read more →

Justin Peck, Bipolar Mental Health Expert & Pro Off-Road Racer

Justin Peck is an expert on the subject of Bipolar Disorder, as he has been living with a Class 1 diagnosis for well over a decade now. His newly released Bulletproof memoir tells all. Justin is a professional, Lucas Oil Series off-road race car driver and team owner. He is also a firsthand expert in the world of mental health, as he has learned to use his Class 1 Bipolar Disorder to his advantage, sidestepped suicide, and overcome addiction. Justin makes for an impactful guest by blending raw truth and charismatic wisdom. From his new memoir, Bulletproof: "Justin Peck drove... Read more →

Wealthy Business Goddess Show is a Conscious Spiritual Business Show

Guests will be established coaches, speakers, authors (spiritual, business, self help) who will share: Personal story, inspirational and empowering content, together with actionable tips and take a ways. Show Name: * Wealthy Business Goddess Show Show Description: * The Wealthy Business Goddess Show aims to inspire, spiritual entrepreneurs to step more purposefully into their Divine Feminine Leadership, and Conscious Business, to transform their purpose and passion into prosperity as they transform the world, doing what they love. All Video interviews will be 60 mins maximum and take place through webinarjam or skype. Show Host Name(s): Kimberley Lovell Booking Contact for... Read more →

Politihoot needs Political Experts

Looking for a variety of guests that have something to say about today's politics. Particularly, what's happening in Trump World -- this could be someone from a high ranking politician all the way to one of his former maids. Also wish to talk with psychologists, psychics, comedians -- people who have a different POV on the political scene. Show Name: * Politihoot Show Description: * Politihoot is a half hour political comedy podcast broadcast on Blog Talk Radio. Think of it as news/discussion, but -- most importantly -- it's comedy. The show opens with a funny, musical parody, some funny... Read more →

Obviously Esoteric seeks Metaphysical, Paranormal, Alternative Spirituality Experts

I am looking for experts in the: Metaphysical, fringe science, paranormal, extraterrestrial, holistic health, alternative spirituality, new age, self help, occult ect. Show Name: * Obviously Esoteric Show Description: * Obviously Esoteric discusses topics that many might find taboo or unusual and tries to bring the hidden truths about these subjects to light. The episodes will focus heavily on metaphysical exploration and fringe science as well as the paranormal, extraterrestrial and downright strange. From Astrology to Zen and everything in between this show will delve into topics by speaking with Authors, practitioners, experts, scientists and more to leave no mystery... Read more →

Today You Missed These:

Requests for: Movies Television Shows Business Marketing Paranormal Were all sent to our Premium subscribers today. Do you want to get ALL our Guest Requests delivered each day, too? It’s the easy way to get more interviews! Learn more here now. (Free Trial!) Read more →

The Ms Reason Show seeks Entrepreneurs and Authors

Entrepreneurs and Authors for well known podcast that has a global audience. Show Name: * The Ms Reason Show Show Description: * The Ms. Reason Show is a high spirited show that’s geared towards the uplifting and empowering the masses. We support and highlight Authors and Poets. We bring you inspirational and motivating people with remarkable stories and experts. Show Host Name(s): Marie Summers, JustJae Warner Booking Contact for Interviews: * Marie Summers Booking Email Address: * themsreasonshow@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 100-250 listeners per show women 21-50 men 21-35 Show Format: * Internet radio show... Read more →

Pyle and Company needs Local Artists

I'm basically looking for local artists to appear on our show for an interview, and hopefully to better publicize their material on our show. Show Name: * Pyle and Company Show Description: * Pyle and Company is a 30 minute variety show seen on YouTube and Pyle and Company website and Facebook page. It features interviews, songs, and skits. We pretty much help special guests in publicizing their book or song on our show. And it helps them in getting the word across about their upcoming song or book. Show Host Name(s): Marrett Laney; Jacob Pyle Booking Contact for Interviews:... Read more →

Business Owners Radio seeks Business Experts

Seeking quality business book authors and business segment content experts to: Bring insight, strategies and best practices to an audience of established business owners. Show Name: * Business Owners Radio Show Description: * "Business Owners Radio is where established business owners go to get the latest business strategies, insights and practices to grow a sustainably profitable business. The show strives to give entrepreneur employers the best “ROL” (Return on Listening) on the internet. Every Monday morning, new episodes feature dynamic interviews with experts on business development, strategic management, leadership, strategy and more, as well as in-depth reviews of the latest... Read more →

How To Live on Purpose needs Self-Improvement Experts

Life coaches, therapists, personal trainers, psychics, master teachers, psychologist. Show Name: * How To Live on Purpose Show Description: * Self-improvement, empowerment, health. Show Host Name(s): Nikia Graves Booking Contact for Interviews: * Nikia Booking Email Address: * howtoliveonpurpose@gmail.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Hi we are a new show. We are looking to build our audience and if you're looking to gain interview experience or get your name out there, please contact us immediately so we can schedule your show. Thank you in advance! Nikia Show Format: * Internet radio show Recorded podcast Station Call Letters... Read more →

Neville Johnson, Coach Wooden Leadership Expert and Hollywood Power Lawyer

Neville Johnson is one of the most revered lawyers in Hollywood. And, he's an expert on the winning leadership principles of famed UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden. Anyone interested in sports, performance, or top level leadership tips from one of America’s most famed coaches will enjoy listening to Neville Johnson discuss his two books about Coach John Wooden. Listeners will gain great insight into the famous coach's "Pyramid of Performance" and valuable insights into human behavior. And as an attorney, Neville Johnson is the founding partner of the law office Johnson & Johnson, LLP. He is known a man who... Read more →

Dr. Doug Radio is looking for Business Experts

Looking to interview experts who can share their business acumen with small business owners. Whether it has to do with marketing, operations, leadership development, communication, etc, you would be a great guest. Show Name: * Dr. Doug Radio Show Description: * We discuss current trends and tips for the small business owner. The interviews are between 30-45 minutes long and are pre-recorded via Skype to insure best audio quality. The Skype video is used to have a better conversation, but video is not recorded. We are broadcast on W4CY Internet Radio on Wednesdays at noon Eastern Time and then are... Read more →

Bella In Your Business seeks Pet Sitting Industry Experts

We want to interview people who work in the pet sitting industry. This can range from representatives of pet sitting software companies, pet sitting insurance companies, pet sitting apps, pet sitting products, HR experts, other business coaches, etc. We would love to speak to anyone who can bring something of value to our audience which is pet sitting business owners all over the world. Show Name: * Bella In Your Business Show Description: * Listen in as Bella catches you up on the latest in her world including hospital stays, interviews with actual pet sitting business owners audited by the... Read more →

Guest Requests Reserved for Premium Subscribers Today:

Today our Premium emails had more Guest Requests than you see in this Free Edition. These included requests for experts on: Business Marketing Technology Authors Wellness Want us to email you ALL our Guest Requests so you can get more interviews? Learn more here now. (Free Trial!) Read more →

Spiritual/Self Help Summit

I am having holding an educational and cross promotional summit. Show Name: * Name not etched in stone yet, manager is developing. Show Description: * A spiritual, self-help summit that is educational. Guests should be established, prepared and polished; unfortunately this is not an opportunity for new authors, speakers and coaches. Demographic is mostly ages 35+, female. IMPORTANT: Guests will be expected to promote/send to their mailing list at least twice, and on social networking, at least twice. Guests must AT THE TIME OF APPROVAL be prepared to send a clear, professional headshot. I am looking for very specific guests... Read more →

The Optimized Condition is seeking Health and Wellness Experts

Looking for experts who aim to improve the lives of people by sharing their expertise in all aspects of: Wellness including nutrition, training, mindset, finances,and alternative medicine. Show Name: * The Optimized Condition Show Description: * The Optimized Condition provides a forum where guests share trend setting ideas, life hacking tactics, and cutting edge advice. Each guest aims to improve the lives of people by sharing their expertise in topics from health, nutrition, mindset, finances, and alternative medicine. Show Host Name(s): Omar Cumberbatch Booking Contact for Interviews: * Omar Cumberbatch Booking Email Address: * omar10603@aol.com Audience Size and Demographics for... Read more →

Unstoppable Coach needs Successful Coaches

Wanted: Coaches (life, health, business, etc.) making a full-time living from their coaching business. Show Name: * Unstoppable Coach Show Description: * The Unstoppable Coach podcast is for coaches who want to start or grow their coaching business by being inspired, learning from experts, and taking action to create an unstoppable business. I interview coaches every week day about how they grew their business. I focus on learning practical advice and strategies that my audience can implement to grow their business. I have a set interview format (questions are given to you ahead of time). You will have the opportunity... Read more →

A Girl Who Craves Her Faves seeks Reality TV Fans

Looking for guests who like to watch reality television shows, like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Show Name: * A Girl Who Craves Her Faves Show Description: * Wendy Hinbest, the author of “Masquerade of Lies”, is here with her weekly podcast, “A Girl Who Craves Her Faves.” She just can’t get enough of Teen Mom 2, the Real Housewives shows, Vanderpump Rules and Big Brother. She’s going to discuss the latest scoop and recap all the drama, so chillax and hang out! Show Host Name(s): Wendy Hinbest Booking Contact for Interviews: * Wendy Hinbest Booking Email Address: *... Read more →

Interview with the Paranormal is looking for Paranormal Experts

People who have had first hand paranormal: Encounters, People who have written non fictional books on the paranormal and/or People who are experts in their Religion. Show Name: * Interview with the Paranormal Show Description: * Upstart paranormal podcast is looking to interview individuals who have had real life first hand paranormal experiences and would like to share their encounters through recorded interview. Anonymity is offered to ensure privacy. None judgmental atmosphere. Completely Serious Real Talk. Show Host Name(s): Amber and Joe Booking Contact for Interviews: * Amber Booking Email Address: * interwtp@outlook.com Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show:... Read more →