Guest Expert Available for Interviews: Ask me anything about Meditation

The meditation craze keeps growing - and yet there is a lot of misinformation out there. Ask your questions to Giovanni Dienstmann, meditation teacher and the author behind LiveAndDare, the web's most popular non-sectarian blog on meditation. Interview Giovanni about meditation, mindfulness, fear of failure, and personal growth. 3-4 Sample Radio Interview Questions for the Expert: What are the different types of meditation, and how people should choose which one to practice? What are the main mistakes people make when trying to start meditating? How can meditation transform my relationship, business, or personal life? How can athletes and artists use... Read more →

WMEX 1510AM Moments with Marianne seeks Inspiration, Motivation & Education Experts

Marianne interviews leaders in their fields, ranging from inspirational authors, top industry leaders, business, scientists, non-profits and spiritual entrepreneurs. If you have an inspirational story, you may be a perfect fit for the show. Show Name: * Moments with Marianne at Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network & WMEX 1510AM Boston Show Description: * In a single moment your life can change! “Moments with Marianne” is a transformative hour that covers an endless array of topics with the ‘best of the best.’ Her guest are leaders in their fields, ranging from inspirational authors, top industry leaders, business and spiritual entrepreneurs. Each guest... Read more →

The Kingdom Hour is seeking Christian Men and Women

Kingdom Empowerment, Inc. is seeking: Christian (Kingdom Minded) men and women of God, coaches, authors, speakers, business and nonprofit organization owners, and leaders who want to share their insights with our growing audience on the Kingdom Hour on KEITV12 Online Streaming and On Demand TV Channel. We reach out to 1 Million viewers by sharing in our social media channels, website, and advertisement. Show Name: * The Kingdom Hour Show Description: * About​ ​Kingdom​ ​Empowerment,​ ​Inc. Kingdom​ ​Empowerment,​ ​Inc.​ ​is​ ​a​ ​Christian​ ​organization​ ​offering​ ​education​ ​in​ ​digital​ ​Magazine,​ ​Radio​ ​and​ ​TV;​ ​Seminars​ ​and Workshop​ ​in​ ​the​ ​areas​ ​of​ ​Leadership,​ ​Mentoring​... Read more →

Robert Plank Show seeks Business Experts

Robert Plank Show seeks: Online business owners, Authors, Experts, Coaches, Mindset coaches, Work from home experts, WordPress experts, Anyone who has an interesting story to tell about making money from home or building a business. Show Name: * Robert Plank Show: Making Money Online with Membership Sites, WordPress and Webinars Show Description: * How to generate passive income and earn a living from home using internet marketing, membership sites, webinars, email marketing, podcasting, and more. Show Host Name(s): Robert Plank Booking Contact for Interviews: * Robert Plank Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * Business owners Audience... Read more →

Badboy Breakthrough Podcast is seeking Men, Dating, Sex, Love, Self & Relationships Experts

If you talk in the area of men, dating, sex, love, self and relationships. I want to talk with you. Who we serve.... Savvy, smart successful women who are single looking to find love with a great guy (usually in their 30’s & 40’s). Show Name: * Badboy Breakthrough Podcast Show Description: * Honest, entertaining and witty I share with you the secrets to men, love, sex and relationships. Why am I still single? Am going to be alone forever? How do men think? How can I be better in bed? What does a guy mean when he says this…whatever... Read more →

Free Report - 12 Things A Speaker Cannot Afford to Be Without

Do you want to attract new clients, sell books or change more lives by embarking on or enhancing a public speaking campaign? Then you’ll need every edge to get booked, wow the audience, get rebooked and monetize the results. To do that, there are 12 Things a Speaker Can’t Afford to be Without...Click now and get the checklist! Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: (818) 707-1473 If you’re looking for publicity help, please consider this sponsor to support our free service! See our Featured and Recommended Publicists & PR Firms here. Would you like to be interviewed on radio and... Read more →

Money 105.5FM Rush Hour For Success seeks Expert Interviews

Money 105.5FM is the only financial/money talk show network in the Greater Sacramento, CA area. Cami Ferry (The Theatre Queen) is seeking experts in money & finance, health & fitness, community & caused based organizations, entertainment, film, live theatre, published Authors & publishing and anyone who is directly on the forefront of current events and current controversial subjects. Her ideal guest would be someone who is an expert in some area of health and fitness as well as money & finance. Her guests are not only promoted on the radio show but also through her theatre company, website, online promo... Read more →

The Success Code is seeking Lawyers

Looking for: lawyers to come on our podcast and discuss specific areas of law relevant to business owners such as licensing agreements, NDAs, intellectual property AND trusts/estates for asset protection. Show Name: * The Success Code Show Description: * The Success Code provides actionable content/guidance to our audience of small business or soon to be small business owners. Our show is audio only recorded through Skype. We are looking for experts in specific areas of the law that can provide succinct summaries on air. Ideally, our guests can provide a value added item for the audience to take positive, meaningful... Read more →

Guest Requests Reserved for Premium Subscribers Today:

Today our Premium emails had more Guest Requests than you see in this Free Edition. These included requests for experts on business, law, self-improvement, spirituality, and paranormal, too. Want us to email you ALL our Guest Requests so you can get more interviews? Learn more here now. (Free Trial!) Read more →

Books 4 A Better Life Show is looking for Authors

I'm currently looking for authors who would be interested in coming onto my show to talk about their book. Requirements: Must have a published book in the self help, spiritual, dating or anything to do with helping others becoming greater at something. Show Name: * Books 4 A Better Life Show Show Description: * Books 4 A Better Show is a platform for author to tell their story, talk about their book and give value to our audience. We're dedicated to helping men and women improve themselves and move forward towards their goals. Show Host Name(s): Camden McInnis Booking Contact... Read more →

Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers Is Booking!

Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers is seeking: Therapists, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Addiction Specialists, Job Search Experts, Self-Help Authors, Relationship Experts, Success Stories, and anyone that has insight into successful reintegration from incarceration is welcome to inquire. Show Name: * Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers Show Description: * Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers is a podcast that addresses the issues faced by men and women after incarceration. Show Host Name(s): Rodney Mathers Booking Contact for Interviews: * Rodney Mathers Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * Formerly incarcerated individuals and their families and friends are the... Read more →

The Midnight Ocean seeks Knowledgable Guests

The Midnight ocean is looking for unique stories told by unique people. If you have a Paranormal or Conspiracy story to tell then we want you on our show. We are open minded and want to share your expertise and knowledge with our listeners. Show Name: * The Midnight Ocean Show Description: * The Midnight Ocean is a late night podcast that brings experts in paranormal and conspiracy to the mainstream. Unlike most podcasts our shows are professionally produced and offer state of the art communications with its guests and listeners. We offer exceptional exposure on social media and SEO... Read more →

KFBK AM/FM Hanson McClain Money Matters Radio seeks How the Traditional View of Retirement Has Changed Experts

We’d like to talk to someone with first-hand knowledge of how the traditional view of retirement has changed. We are looking for professors, consultants or experts in the field of retirement that have commented or contributed to articles on the topic. Show Name: * Hanson McClain Money Matters Radio Show Show Description: * For over 20 years, "Money Matters," Scott Hanson and Pat McClain’s weekly call-in talk radio program, has fielded thousands of questions from callers. Now we are making a change by introducing guests for the first time in years. Program focuses on personal finance, tax filing tips, money... Read more →

Allen Vaysberg, Love Expert and Author

Allen Vaysberg is a "Life Recalibration" expert who helps people learn how to love themselves, love others, love their day, and put it all together in order to live a more love-filled life! His new book, The New Love Triangle, is a life changer! Short enough to be read in one sitting, the book is a powerhouse for facilitating lifelong transformation and more successful relationships. Best-selling author Allen Vaysberg is authentic and funny while masterfully weaving in practical applications that make it easy to add love to every part of life. You'll come away with a new perspective and simple... Read more →

Guest Expert Available for Interviews: Professional Stock Market Trader and CEO

Interview Anmol Singh, one of the most sought after Entrepreneur and Stock Market Trader. Interview this Expert About Entrepreneurship Business Stocks and Forex Markets Marketing 3-4 Sample Radio Interview Questions for the Expert What differentiates successful Entrepreneurs and Traders from the rest? What does a Business Owner, Entrepreneur or Trader need to do to position themselves for Success? How did you launch a business and receive a huge social media following in a short span of time? Summary of Expert Credentials CEO Professional Stock market and Forex Trader Private Equity and Venture Capital Expert's Website: Booking Contact Email: *... Read more →

Turn Up with Paige is looking for Inspirational Guests

Local celebrities, B list celebrities, and people who would like to make a change in their communities. People who are looking to promote their brand. Show Name: * Turn Up with Paige Show Description: * Urban author Paige Love - Rose launches her new podcast in September. She is the former host of "The Paige Love-Rose show" It is an online community podcast that is educational and built to inspire others. There will be positive guest and a positive discussion panel. We will talk about News,, history music, art, books and movies. Guest will also be on the show. Show... Read more →

Transmissions From Atlantis is looking for Doctor Who, Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Horror

We are interested in speculative fiction (sci-fi, fantasy, horror) guests. We have a special emphasis on Doctor Who, so if you're connected to the show in any way, that's a plus! We're looking for guests in all forms of entertainment (books, tv, movies, webseries, audio shows, etc) as long as it resides in the speculative fiction realm. Show Name: * Transmissions From Atlantis Show Description: * JC and Rita De La Torre, creators of Seekers of the Lost Worlds and Star Mage, talk pop culture, sci-fi, fantasy, horror and other speculative fiction topics with a special emphasis on Doctor Who.... Read more →

Want More Interviews? Upgrade to Get More Guest Requests!

Today our Premium emails also had invitations for interviews about authors, health, television shows, spirituality, and paranormal. Premium subscribers get more interview requests, and can even pick specific topics of requests: Learn more here now. (Free Trial!) Read more →

The Tivomike Show seeks Jesus Followers

Our ideal guests would be: Ministers, authors, and other passionate Christian leaders that speak to the requirements of dying to self, living by faith, receiving God's grace and seeking His will above our own. Our guests should be witty, smart, charismatic and able to clearly state their message to our audience of Christ followers - some of which are brand new to the faith and others are mature believers. We want our guests to passionately and edu-tainingly (education + entertain) state sin is bad, grace is King and that dying to self has taken the place of YOLO as the... Read more →

Together 24/7 is seeking Couples In Love and In Business Together

We are looking for couples who have created a business together. The business must be their own, not a franchise or network marketing company. The interview will deal with how you decided to start your business, what made you two think you could do it without ruining your relationship (married, living together, shacking up, spousal equivalents, etc.) Our listeners want to know more about you and what it takes day-to-day to find a work/life balance when you are together 24/7. We'll ask some fun questions too, like what's your favorite meal and what's a pet peeve. WANT - Couples who've... Read more →

We Choose Respect ParentCast is seeking Great Guests

The We Choose Respect ParentCast is looking for guests that can share advice / information that can help families. This includes folks who have insight into relationships, recipes, destinations, great music, we have a very wide umbrella. We especially love authors of children's and young audience books. Show Name: * We Choose Respect ParentCast Show Description: * Our mission to is give parents the info they need to help their kids grow to be happy, healthy and respectful. We also want to help families grow closer together. Our interviews are fun and insightful. Show Host Name(s): Jed Doherty - Jedlie... Read more →

InnoFun Podcasting seeks Entrepreneurs

Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Serial Entrepreneurs who are open to share: Their entrepreneurial road, and it is ok for the purpose of promoting their brand/product in front of potential Chinese consumer markets or attract investment funding from Chinese investors. Show Name: * InnoFun Podcasting Show Description: * The podcast is weekly show, targeted to spread the innovative spirits and entrepreneurial minds to Chinese entrepreneurs community. The host of the show has lived in US for several years, and worked in investment firms, and helped startup connections across borders. Booking Contact for Interviews: * Jinglin Wang Email Address: * Audience Demographics for... Read more →

Free Report - 12 Things A Speaker Cannot Afford to Be Without

Do you want to attract new clients, sell books or change more lives by embarking on or enhancing a public speaking campaign? Then you’ll need every edge to get booked, wow the audience, get rebooked and monetize the results. To do that, there are 12 Things a Speaker Can’t Afford to be Without...Click now and get the checklist! Contact Email: Contact Phone Number: (818) 707-1473 If you’re looking for publicity help, please consider this sponsor to support our free service! See our Featured and Recommended Publicists & PR Firms here. Would you like to be interviewed on radio and... Read more →

Massive Momentum is calling for Passionate Female Business Leaders

Experts on empowering women in life, business, wealth and health. Show Name: * Massive Momentum Show Description: * We provide blazing motivation, inspiration and empowerment to female entrepreneurial leaders who are stuck and in need to success strategies to become unstoppable! Show Host Name(s): Kristie Kennedy Booking Contact for Interviews: * Kristie Kennedy Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * 35-48 Audience Size for Your Show and Source for Your Claim: * New show stats are still developing Show Format : * Internet radio show Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule + Time... Read more →

Speculative Fiction Cantina needs Speculative Fiction Authors

Are you a speculative fiction writer (scifi, fantasy (and all its subgenres), horror, alt history, steampunk, etc.) with a published book to promote (indie is okay)? Join us for a fun hour of interviews and readings. Show Name: * Speculative Fiction Cantina Show Description: * This internet radio program covers all aspects of speculative fiction books and writing. We let authors read from their works and promote their books (indie is okay). It's fun and free. Guests have reported increased book sales after appearing on our program. Questions are designed to let you tell our audience why your book is... Read more →

Tomorrow: Learn To Get Paid Speaking Gigs

If you want to get paid for public speaking, learn about the free teleseminar TOMORROW. 6 successful speakers will share how to get started – even if you’re not famous yet. They'll talk about how much to charge for your speeches, how to find bookings, and much more. Just click for details here: As one of our subscribers, you’re invited free! - Your friends at Read more →

I Want To Know seeks Fun & Informative Experts

We're looking for experts that are fun, informative and can speak openly to their line or work or expertise. Some past examples of guests include a Jonestown Survivor, professional wrestler, an exit guide, a former border patrol agent, a "love scientist" with PhD, a nutritionist and so much more! Examples of someone we may be interested in: a professional beer brewer or wine maker, a military veteran, police officer, professional athlete, the curator of a ghost town and so on. If you think you might have something interesting to offer in a long form interview, please send us an email.... Read more →

Renegade Talk Radio seeks Sexy, Open-Minded Wackos

Entertainment Gossip, Current News Dating, Cannabis,Politics, Directors, Actors, Comedians, Authors. Show Name: * Renegade Talk Radio Show Description: * Renegade Talk Radio goes behind the scenes on the best that Pop Culture, Current News, Politics,Dating,Cannabis has to offer! You want to be on our program because we're going to let you say what you need to say and talk about what you want. Most importantly, we want you to talk about you. Tell people why they should be interested in who you are and what you have to offer. This is real conversation, and Very Open Minded. Show Host Name(s):... Read more →