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Robert Christian show is going to talk Politics

The Robert Christian Show has had over 30 years in Broadcast media, and has always crossed the borders on many topics. We look for Top notch guest! On the issue of Donald Trump and the LGBT rights under president obama. The Question is Do you support it? Or are you hoping Trump will reverse the course and deny LGBT Americans equal Protections. Show Name: * Robert Christian Show Show Description: * The Robert Christian show, syndicated show Presents cutting edge conversations and Podcast. Subjects we have covered include, Same sex marriage, Cannabis, Congress, Politics, Celeb Interviews and far more. Show... Read more →

The Product Startup seeks Product Startups, Inventors & Small Businesses

Past guests have included Shark Tank and Dragon's Den participants, inventors and entrepreneurs. If you have built a business around your product ideas then I'd like to share your story and get into the details of how you brought it to market. My show was recently named one of the "10 Best Podcasts for Designers and Innovators" by Please do not apply if you are an artist, author, consultant, public speaker, coach, or are selling a book or course. In general, I also don't interview people who provide small business services since I have many local companies to choose... Read more →

CarryOnHarry Talk Show wants to Feature Your Story

Inspirational Real Life Stories and Inspirational Talkers , who can inspire the audience and provide positive outlook / tips. Book Authors / Personal Development Coache. Show Name: * CarryOnHarry Talk Show Show Description: * We showcase emerging and established Talent/ Story Tellers / Experts from all over the world . Its Telephone recorded Show about 10 Minutes to 15 minutes highlighting new releases and Sharing View points on various aspects of life and art. Show Host Name(s): Harry Johal Booking Contact for Interviews: * Harry Johal Skype@BalleBalleRadio Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: *... Read more →

Cara Jones Speaks: Shedding Light on the Extraordinary is looking for Extraordinary Guests

Looking for guests with extraordinary life experiences. Spiritual, musical, overcoming adversity, connection, wellness, authors, fun, adventurous, social advocates, experts. My show likes to shed light on the extraordinary. Show Name: * Cara Jones Speaks: Shedding light on the extraordinary Show Description: * Artist, Documentary Filmmaker and author Cara Jones meets incredible people on her journey with extraordinary stories. Do you have a story that you would like to share? Have you overcoming an adversity that has made you stronger? Cara has interviewed people from different walks of life including, Canadian Rocker Bif Naked, Country Rock Singer Rod Black, Olympic Gold... Read more →

Life After Dusk Live seeks Entertainment Experts

I would prefer to have guests in the entertainment field. Show Name: * Life After Dusk Live Show Description: * Life After Dusk Live is the flagship show of the podcast channel Dusk Spot Radio Network. Hosted by Ceddy J and Nayy Seduction, every week you get the off the rails commentary about pop culture and everyday life. They also have a way of making their guests feel at home by getting their story out while spicing up the delivery. The duo on Life After Dusk Live have a chemistry that can't be denied and is received well by their... Read more →

Intrigue Journal seeks Sasquatch or Bigfoot Experts

Cryptozoologist. I am looking for someone with expertise on the subject of Sasquatch or Bigfoot as there was an alleged \sigting of one running across the road that was captured on the dashcam of a russian squad car. Show Name: * Intrigue Journal Show Description: * We do a live show in Eureka Springs AR - with a mailing list of 7000+ and a facebook page of 2000+ likes. These are REAL NUMBERS. Our Show is based on live paranormal experiments and we are now starting a online show for our audience after they have seen our live show. We... Read more →

M-Sun 12-4pm seeks Music Guests

We are seeking urban music guests, music entrepreneurs and experts in African American cultural studies. Our target market encompass urban males/females age ranges from 18-30yrs college educated and no education. We have open discourse on issues that effect the urban community. Show Name: * M-Sun 12-4pm Show Description: * Food 4 Thought urban internet radio hosted by Shanrinklez Lindsey is a show available at 12-4pm Monday through Sunday. Covering a large range of topic such as politics, music, religion, real estate etc. Show Host Name(s): Shanrinklez Lindsey Booking Contact for Interviews: * Ryan B. Kates 267-366-2373 Booking Email Address:... Read more →

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