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Rockin Country Show is seeking Artists

We are looking for Rock, Southern Rock, and Hardcore country artists, Indie or signed. Interviews are an hour or less, and your music will be played. Show Name: * Rockin country Show Show Description: * Rockin Country, airs on Country Blast Radio, every Monday night at 9pm eastern. Now in it's second season on award winning Country Blast Radio, with listeners in over 140 countries. All guests are by phone, and live. Show Host Name(s): Alan Firestone, Bruce Lev Booking Contact for Interviews: * Alan Firestone Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * world-wide,... Read more →

The Dr. Briar Lee Mitchell Show is seeking Authors, Artists and Animal Activists

I like to interview : Authors (does not matter the genre), artists (the visual arts) and animal activists (those people who are working to end the pain, suffering and exploitation of animals). Show Name: * The Dr. Briar Lee Mitchell Show Show Description: * My show airs live, internationally, from 7-8 PM, EST Monday nights. I do have guests on from all over the world, and, for those who live in Great Britain/Europe, I can make arrangements to pre-record the show so they are not attempting to do an interview at 3 or 4 AM their time. I request a... Read more →

Zion Train seeks Guests

Farai Radio is a public media all guest are invited. We have programs like show some love, zion train and morning Drive. I would love to have a guest on any of this show because we teach the world about life and love to one another to unite as one. Show Name: * Zion Train Show Description: * zion train is about rastafarai we teach and learn from the world about GOD and who they think a rasta man is and also who can we called a christian. Show Host Name(s): odeshye farai Booking Contact for Interviews: * 0081-7042916963 Booking... Read more →

Coffee and Business Show is seeking Business Experts

We are looking for people who have earned more than $100K and above in their profession... Show Name: * Coffee and Business Show Show Description: * The Coffee and Business Show is where people come to laugh, learn, and monetize content immediately. Our guests don't promote their products. They answer questions that can help our audience and in return our viewers tend to invest in our guests. Show Host Name(s): Billionaire Brown Booking Contact for Interviews: * Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 1500-2000 viewers weekly Show Format: * Recorded podcast Video... Read more →

Syndicate Radio Sayin it Plain is looking for Awesome Guests

Sayin it Plain is seeking people in entertainment, actors/ musicians. Show Name: * Sayin it Plain Show Description: * Sayin it Plain is an upfront in your face issue based radio talk show . The show is designed to help people with Dating & Relationship problems and tackle social and cultural issues. The show delves into hot button issues, with a mission to spark its listeners into action and uplift the community. Please note we are a Liberal Show with Liberal views on politics and social issues. We are seeking guest that are entertaining as well as informative. Show Host... Read more →

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Want to learn how to get more free on-the-air interviews on radio and podcast talk shows to promote your expertise and products? Learn about our exclusive radio publicity training series here. You can get your own MP3 recording copies of all 4 hours of the best radio publicity training anywhere. This exclusive package of 4 hours of broadcast industry “behind the scenes tips” can help YOU learn to get booked for free publicity interviews on top radio shows, podcasts, and even TV, too. This kind of detailed, step-by-step radio publicity training is what you have been looking for to help... Read more →