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Neville Johnson, Coach Wooden Leadership Expert and Hollywood Power Lawyer

Neville Johnson Attorney Wooden ExpertNeville Johnson is one of the most revered lawyers in Hollywood.  And, he's an expert on the winning leadership principles of famed UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden.

Anyone interested in sports, performance, or top level leadership tips from one of America’s most famed coaches will enjoy listening to Neville Johnson discuss his two books about Coach John Wooden. Listeners will gain great insight into the famous coach's "Pyramid of Performance" and valuable insights into human behavior.

And as an attorney, Neville Johnson is the founding partner of the law office Johnson & Johnson, LLP.  He is known a man who fights tooth and nail for justice for his clients. The Los Angeles Times has called him, “One of the most feared litigators in Hollywood.”

He specializes in Entertainment Litigation, Class Action Litigation, Rights of Privacy and Publicity, plus Defamation, Media, and First Amendment Law (libel & slander), and Intellectual Property Litigation (copyright law).  John Wooden Pyramid of Success Book

Interview Neville Johnson, Coach Wooden Leadership Expert and Hollywood Power Lawyer, to discuss...

  • His two books - The John Wooden Pyramid of Success and Woodenisms – the wisdom and sayings of famed UCLA basketball Coach John Wooden.

Additional legal issues/topics to discuss include:

  • Are big companies bullies? How arbitration clauses are unfair and make it impossible for regular citizens to win. Arbitration clauses come into play when you do many everyday things such as sign a car rental contract, buy a plane ticket or get new employment. But signing a mandatory arbitration clause means you are giving up your right to go to trial should anything go wrong. Many of the large companies use the same arbitration firms so basically you are set up to lose. Neville Johnson discusses what we can do to get the law changed so that everyone has a chance to go from no choice to fair choice.
  • What is private in a digital world? Power lawyer Neville Johnson understands the legal ramifications of a breach of online privacy in this voyeuristic age. Online privacy is a hot topic right now; hackers accessing photos of high profile celebrities via iCloud, the release of Oliver Stone's movie Snowden regarding the NSA's tracking of our digital information, plus the recent Sony and Target hacks. Neville sheds light on this most pertinent issue and asks, 'What are the legal ramifications and how do we protect ourselves?'
  • Where is the money in music in the digital age? Neville Johnson discusses ways musicians can make money today, and also how they can protect their art online.  Most money is now made in touring or merchandising and not in music streaming or downloads. Neville has strong views on how artists can protect themselves in the digital age, and whether platforms such as Jay Z's Tidal ultimately help or hinder the artist. 
  • How regular people can fight corporations and win. Last May Neville Johnson and his partners settled a $26-million class-action lawsuit with Universal to compensate actors, writers, directors and others who alleged they were shortchanged over profit participation deals on movies released before 1981. Are class actions lawsuits good or bad? And what do they accomplish? 
  • Revenge Porn: What is it, what you need to know, and what you can do about it. Revenge Porn (the publication of explicit material portraying someone who has not consented for the image or video to be shared) is a crime and an invasion of privacy. Neville discusses the legal ramifications of such a crime and how the law, which is still a work in progress, can best serve the victim. 
  • Free Speech:  Do you think that your right to flip the finger (even at the President) should be protected as "free speech"? If you need a legal expert commentary, please feel free to reach out. Neville Johnson is a lawyer that specializes in First Amendment issues, which are certainly rampant these days. Woodenisms Book

Neville Johnson Guest Expert Interview Credentials 

  • Author of two books on famed UCLA basketball Coach John Wooden
  • Called “one of the most feared litigators in Hollywood” by The Los Angeles Times 
  • In 2016 Super Lawyers said “Neville Johnson is one of the most revered lawyers in Los Angeles.”
  • Named one of the Top 100 Power Lawyers in Entertainment Law by The Hollywood Reporter.
  • Named him one of the Top 50 Lawyers in Entertainment by Variety.
  • Mr. Johnson has wrangled more than $350 million for actors, writers and other clients he contends were shortchanged their fair share of royalties and profits. 

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