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Fan of the Band seeks Music Fans with A Story

For my show, I interview people whose lives have been significantly impacted by a band or musician.

This goes beyond just liking a band's music, so you need to have a story to tell. If you've been heavily influenced or if your life has been changed in some way by a band or musician, I'd like to talk to you!

(fans of 90s riot grrl, grunge, or 200s indie, alternative, or emo bands a plus, but not at all necessary)

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Fan of the Band
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Each episode of this podcast features the story of one person whose life has been significantly impacted by a band or musician.
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Alex Petrarca
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It's a brand new show that I haven't started to promote yet, so it has less than 100 listeners.
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The show is published on iTunes and Soundcloud. 10-15 minute long episodes go live once a week.
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