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Bernard Golden, Anger Management Specialist and Author

Bernard Golden Anger Management ExpertAnger management expert Bernard Golden is the Author of Overcoming Destructive Anger: Strategies That Work.

An experienced Clinical Psychologist, Bernard's book and work offer a unique approach to anger management that views anger as stemming from a desire for compassion.  His book, Overcoming Destructive Anger: Strategies That Work, offers help for those who wish to "...drop the sword and make friends with themselves and others."

Bernard believes that every moment we embrace anger provides a temporary reprieve from the raw sting of inner suffering.  His newest book offers readers skills in mindfulness, emotional intelligence, cognitive theory, and compassion to help them learn to pause and respond rather than react to their anger.

Overcoming Destructive Anger BookThe key message Bernard wishes to emphasize is that by cultivating "healthy anger", we can learn to pause and respond, rather than react, to our anger. How we manage our anger is a habit in thinking, feeling, and body reactions. Through commitment, patience, and practice we can alter the wiring in our brain to make us more resilient to life's challenges. 

As an anger management specialist for over forty-years, Bernard can offer listeners clearly defined skills for managing their anger in everyday life. 

Interview Bernard Golden, Author of Overcoming Destructive Anger Expert: Strategies That Work, to discuss...

  • What purpose does healthy anger serve?
  • When should we be concerned about anger?
  • How to recognize anger as a cry for compassion.
  • Understanding anger as based on a threat, real or perceived, and negative feelings such as shame, fear, anxiety, guilt, powerlessness, or inadequacy.
  • How mindfulness can help reduce anger arousal.
  • Understanding the neuroscience of anger.
  • Why do we hold onto hurt and anger?

Bernard Golden Guest Expert Interview Credentials 

  • A Clinical Psychologist in practice for over forty-years.
  • Founder of Anger Management Education in Chicago. 
  • Clinical experiences with children, teens, and adults in a wide variety of settings - both outpatient and inpatient.
  • Has taught masters and doctoral students in Psychology.
  • Author of three books:
  •     Overcoming Destructive Anger: Strategies That Work (John Hopkins University Press, 2016)
  •     Unlock Your Creative Genius (Prometheus Press, 2007)
  •     Healthy Anger: How to Help Children and Teens Mange Their Anger (Oxford University Press; hardcover, 2002, soft cover, 2006).

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  • Available to answer call-in questions.
  • Can provide several books to give away.

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Bernard Golden
(312) 642-0265

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