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February 2018

The Prophet Of Thought Series seeks Influential Black Guests

Really interested in Black guest who are focused on Black Societies' concerns.. Show Name: * The Prophet Of Thought Series Show Description: * Our show speaks to the policies,politics and prejudices that effect people of color.Social policies within the society that effect BLACK People in disproportionate numbers... Booking Contact for Interviews: * Xavier Monroe Email Address: * Audience Demographics for Your Show: * Ages 18 - 45 Audience Size for Your Show and Source for Your Claim: * 3000 - 5000..According to Realtime Analytics.. Show Format: * Internet radio show Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast... Read more →

Wellness Radio with Dr. Jeanette Creates the Ripple Effect of Change in Your Life

Seeking life experts to talk about how our health is a challenge while evolving through the spiritual experience these days. Guests engage with Dr. Jeanette to ask the questions we all have about the world around us. Pitch your work, book or experience to talk about the body, mind and spirit; from physicians to spiritual leaders are accepted. Show Name: * Wellness Radio with Dr. Jeanette Show Description: * Dr. Jeanette shares in casual conversation with expert guests to ask the questions that may be holding you back from a life that is ever engaging and exciting in every moment.... Read more →

Den of Pride is Discussions on Confidence & Pride

Thought Leaders. Show Name: * Den of Pride Show Description: * This show is about Confidence and Pride. Many of us lack the basic capabilities and confidence to just be themselves. \ We will carry on discussions about; * Overcoming odds * Dealing with Adversity * Strength * Character * Personal Development * Leadership * Confidence * Discovering Oneself Have you experienced growth and development that would be valuable knowledge shared among those seeking a better life? We interview ALL candidates! Seeking Interviews for ALL areas of Expertise! ALL guests have valuable assets. Many of these interviews will be used... Read more →

Web Tools TV seeks Experts on Web and Internet Tools

We are looking to interview those who have expertise in web tools or tools that help with internet marketing. Preferably, we seek members of the company, the CEO, the developer, etc. However, we will also interview experts in using the tool. This is a video interview that is also converted into a podcast. And, it is an opportunity for your to promote your tool or expertise and the YouTube is available to embed on your own site, for additional exposure. Show Name: * Web Tools TV Show Description: * WebToolsTV is a video interview and podcast. We cover web tools... Read more →

Brit's Got Your Number - Fun Dating Advice from a Numerology Expert!

Brittany Johnson, the Queen of Numbers, will keep your audience on the edge of their seats with dating advice based on Numerology. Everybody has a birthday.... those six familiar digits we use to fill forms, recite over and over, and celebrate once a year. But did you know those Numbers are a part of your destiny? It's time to explore the entertaining and mystical relationship between your numbers and who you are by booking famous Numerologist Brittany Johnson for on-air live interviews or free audience participation call-in Numerology Readings. Brittany is a unique guest because she covers New Age topics,... Read more →

Healthy Relationship Talk Radio is Empowering People and Changing Lifes

HRT Radio seeks professional entrepreneurs, public figures and trailblazers who can teach a teachable audience. An interconnection empowering people and bringing change to the independent mind. Show Name: * Healthy Relationship Talk Radio Show Description: * Healthy Relationship Talk Radio is a show dedicated to raising awareness through your relationship with self, love, health, beauty and empowerment. HRT is looking for leading professionals that can share their techniques and satisfy the hunger for knowledge and improvement. Let our listeners into your business. Creative story tellers are welcomed! Lets make this love thing go around. Also, looking for couples to share... Read more →

Queens Stand Up Support Network Radio needs Empowering & Inspiring Educators

Empowering & Inspiring Educators. Show Name: * Queens Stand Up Support Network Radio Show Description: * Queens Stand Up Support Network & Radio Show is designed to assist women on their journey of letting their inner queen shine. We understand we always have the ability to respond as queens and as result of this knowledge our first priority is to study ourselves by observing our thoughts, words, actions, environments, and social interactions deliberately choosing vibrations fostering our growth so we always CHOOSE to respond as QUEENS. We discuss topics related to mental health, financial abundance, self-love, me creating healthy relationships.... Read more →

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The right publicity can explode your business. Why not upgrade to get ALL our Guest Requests? Today we also had interview requests for: Self-Improvement Women's Issues Marketing Law Business Get ALL our Guest Requests by email early each day, too. Learn more here now. (Free Trial!) Read more →

Creatively Speaking Radio is Designed for Creatives

Designed with creatives in mind. For anyone who creates anything, but chaos. Show Name: * Creatively Speaking Radio Show Description: * Creatively Speaking is designed with "creatives" in mind and features weekly 30 minute interviews with authors, writers, publishers, playwrights, screenwriters, artists, speakers, actors, filmmakers, healers, stylists, musicians, ministers, business owners, and just about anyone who creates anything (but chaos). Show Host Name(s): Luanna Helena Booking Contact for Interviews: * or click "Book Now" at Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * Approximately 900 all time listens and 90 monthly, organic listens.... Read more →

20 Minutes of Influence is How to get Others to Market and Sell for You

I am looking to interview recognized influencers in any industry who are actively recommending brands and can share their insights. Brand advocates, affiliate marketers, JV partners, and experts who create content that sell products on behalf of brands that can provide insights and stimulating conversations are ideal. You might also be the brand representative working with influencers - I'd love your side of the story as well. Show Name: * 20 Minutes of Influence Show Description: * After having written the best-selling book, "The Influencer Effect," I have had lots of people ask me how they can become an influencer.... Read more →

Mozelleology: Where Forensics, Psychology & Spirituality Meet wants You

We are seeking genuinely spiritual guests who have experience in forensics AND / OR psychology AND understand the importance of spirituality. T ell us how YOUR products or services can help our listeners. Show Name: * Mozelleology: Where Forensics, Psychology & Spirituality Meet Show Description: * As a 30+ year forensic expert, Mozelle opens her episodes by analyzing the handwriting of her guests live! Show topics typically include forensics, psychology, and / or spirituality. This unique potion is called “Mozelleology”. Learn about some forensic tricks to help you figure out people in your life, as well as tips & tools... Read more →

The Glowing Skin Series wants Experts for Skincare Video Interview Series

Need experts to interview about skincare. Influencers who can help people learn the many different ways their own specialized field affects our skin. Could be aetstheticians, dermatologists, health care experts, awesome product creators, authors, self-love experts, nutritionists, functional medicine doctors, etc. Any field, as long as they can provide tips and expertise about how to obtain glowing skin, and how their profession relates. I plan to do this show every 3 months, so if you can’t now, I would love to book you for the future. Show Name: * The Glowing Skin Series Show Description: * The Glowing Skin Series... Read more →

KDUC’s Repo Radio is looking for Musicians

Repo Radio is looking for musicians. Show Name: * Repo Radio Show Show Description: * Hosted by Lou Pizzaro from “Operation Repo” and his crew, including singer Stefni Valencia, boxing judge Fernando V., actress and makeup guru Ana “The Wonder Chola” Vergara, and Randy “Ranfucious” Martinez, Repo Radio is an internationally syndicated, silly, raucous, and frequently funny morning show covering everything from sports to hedgehog cafés (yes they actually covered that)! Show Host Name(s): Lou Pizarro, Ana Vergara, Stefni Valencia, Fernando Vera, Randy Martinez Booking Contact for Interviews: * Anthony O. Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics... Read more →

Carry On Harry Talk Show is seeking Story Tellers

If you have a Story to Share that Can Be Inspiration to others. If you have some unique Expertise in any area that can serve the community. Show Name: * Carry On Harry Talk Show Show Description: * We connect those who know to those who seek. If you have some wonderful work/ project that can be helpful to people looking for solution feel free to contact us. We will see how we can showcase your work on our Talk Show from Singapore. Show Host Name(s): Harry Johal Booking Contact for Interviews: * Skype@balleballeradio Booking Email Address: * Read more →

The Self Publishing University seeks Speakers

Between The Lines, a radio show hosted by Corine La Font is seeking Guests who are willing to: Up their game and looking for Speaking Opportunities at The Self Publishing University's Monthly Workshops The Self Publishing University is The Educational and Training Portal For Authors, Writers and Self Publishers. Guests in the areas of self publishing, ebooks, digital marketing, traditional publishing, print publishing, agents, publishers, funding for authors and other related areas are welcomed to submit an interest. The monthly workshops are ongoing. The conference is an annual event and the deadline for speaker applications/interest is Feb 2018. More details... Read more →

Get Healthy wants to get Healthy

Fitness Professionals! I want to talk to people who are introducing new ways for people to get fit, also really good at the mindset and motivation piece to inspire the listeners to take action. The show is already full of doctors, nutritionists, some surprises and other fitness professionals and the conversations are exciting! There is an opportunity in the interview to offer a free gift as an opt in to grow your email list and your tribe. Show Name: * Get Healthy Show Description: * The Get Heathy summit is a project to help people find ways that they can... Read more → seeks Filmmakers and Screenwriters

I'm currently seeking experts who serve Filmmakers, Screenwriters, and Book Authors to interview for my more than 25,000 members. Being interviewed will introduce you to hard working professional creatives, most with many credits, some with awards, who are looking for help doing what they love for a living. Show Name: * Show Description: * I currently run events several times a week for 25,000 entertainment industry pros (film, documentary, and web series producers, screenwriters, graphic novelists, book authors who self publish and those who don't). I'm always looking for guests who provide services, tools, and expertise that make it... Read more →

Night Dreams Talk Radio is looking for Paranormal Guests

Night Dreams Talk Radio is looking for guest in the paranormal! Show Name: * Night Dreams Talk Radio Show Description: * We are a internet talk radio show in the Parannormal We are a Sunday Night show form7-9pm Pacific West Coast time In Feb we will expand our show to Mon-Friday 7-9 pm Pacific time. We are on over 30 Apps! Our show is growing Fast! The host has a background in broadcasting as a DJ and talk show host! Our studio equipment is vast and is the state of the art! We offer 2 shows on our Network Night... Read more →

Bernard Golden, Anger Management Specialist and Author

Anger management expert Bernard Golden is the Author of Overcoming Destructive Anger: Strategies That Work. An experienced Clinical Psychologist, Bernard's book and work offer a unique approach to anger management that views anger as stemming from a desire for compassion. His book, Overcoming Destructive Anger: Strategies That Work, offers help for those who wish to "...drop the sword and make friends with themselves and others." Bernard believes that every moment we embrace anger provides a temporary reprieve from the raw sting of inner suffering. His newest book offers readers skills in mindfulness, emotional intelligence, cognitive theory, and compassion to help... Read more →

The Reid Method Insider Podcast seeks Sales and Entrepreneur Influencers

We are looking for sales and entrepreneur influencers to appear on our podcast. Show Name: * The Reid Method Insider Podcast Show Description: * Achieving Sales Mastery In 1989, Everold Reid took a summer job selling cars to earn extra money for college. The job was supposed to be temporary, but Everold realized that he had a gift for selling and his part-time status eventually evolved into a full-time career in automotive sales.From his earliest years in the retail car industry, Everold has been a keen student of selling, eager to learn new strategies and techniques, to build his knowledge... Read more →

KATZ Hallelujah 1600AM The Scooda Radio Show seeks Positive Guests

The Scooda Radio Show is looking for guests who are positive! We are looking for people who have a success story of how they went through something and made it out. Guests who have a passion for what they do and want to see other people succeed as well! The Scooda Radio Show is looking for life changers. Show Name: * The Scooda Radio Show Show Description: * The Scooda Radio Show is a new radio program on KATZ Hallelujah 1600AM. The Scooda Radio Show focuses on motivation, inspiration, encouragement & positive vibes! If you are looking for a show... Read more →

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If you're an expert looking for interviews like these, upgrade to our Premium email lists. Relationships Family Self-Improvement Christian Spirituality You’ll get Guest Requests that are not included in these Free Edition emails. Learn more here now. (Free Trial!) Read more →

Magnet For Love Podcast is looking for Love Experts

If you are a: dating, sex, relationship, intimacy coach, self-esteem, confidence, flirting, marriage, male point of view (from dating expert only) we are looking for guests. We want to hear from you. Show Name: * Magnet For Love Podcast Show Description: * Honest, entertaining and witty - Lorna Poole shares in her podcasts the secrets to men, love, dating, sex and relationships. Why am I still single? Am going to be alone forever? How do men think? How can I be better in bed? What does a guy mean when he says this…whatever your question is, if it has anything... Read more →

Between The Lines (BTL) seeks Publishing Experts

Publishing Experts – writing, publishing, funding and marketing for authors, aspiring and established. Show Name: * Between The Lines (BTL) Show Description: * This show was a podcast 6 years ago on the Blogtalkradio network BUT now it has been revamped and upgraded to a Live video webcast. Aired live on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for 30 mins from 10:30 am till 11:30 am EST until the clock changes as of Nov 5th 2017, the show will be aired from 1130 am - 12 noon on the same days of the week. More air time will be released based on... Read more →

Book Announcement: Rescued on Easter - Children's Book Lily & Lucy

Lily & Lucy: An Easter Story. This is the true story of Max and Tucker who helped rescue two puppies abandoned in the woods and eventually helped them find a forever home. Proceeds are donated to Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation. Expert Name and Title: * Ed Ehlers, Author Interview this Expert About: * Animal Rescue, Therapy Dogs, Story Time at Schools, Libraries, and Assisted Living Facilities, Illustrator Emely Pascual student at VCU 3-4 Sample Radio Interview Questions for the Expert: * Tell us the story. Where are Lily & Lucy now? What does a therapy dog do? How... Read more →

The Mike Kara Radio Program - What's Up America seeks to interview Olympic Athletes

The Mike Kara Radio Program - What's Up America is looking to interview: Former or current Olympic Athletes from any Country, any event, Summer or Winter Games, Medal Winner or not. I want to discuss your journey and overall thoughts of competing in the Olympics. Show Name: * The Mike Kara Radio Program - What's Up America Show Description: * The Mike Kara Radio Program - What's Up America celebrates 10 years of bringing it's audience a wide variety of exciting and thrilling topics and guests. Guests include musicians, band's, writers, authors, Olympic Athletes, TV and radio personalities, chefs, stand... Read more →

Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers is seeking Health Professionals

We are seeking: Therapists, psychologist and psychiatrist that are familiar with helping individuals work through the issues one faces when returning home from incarceration. Show Name: * Journey of Hope With Rodney Mathers Show Description: * Journey of Hope with Rodney Mathers is a bimonthly podcast that addresses the issues faced by individuals returning home from incarceration. Show Host Name(s): Rodney Mathers Booking Contact for Interviews: * Rodney Mathers Booking Email Address: * Audience Size and Demographics for Your Show: * 42,000 plus over 182 episodes Show Format: * Recorded podcast Station Call Letters + Network(s) + Broadcast Schedule... Read more →