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We are interested in experts on topics of:

Interest to the long-term care industry because we develop workforce management solutions for this vertical.

They would want to participate in our blog because we offer a very engaged, targeted audience. We also will share any leads generated, so that they can market to them as well.

We may expand our focus down the road to include manufacturing, government and hospitality verticals.

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SmartLinx Podcast
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Our podcast is based in Edison, NJ, but our audience is nationwide. Topics range from HR to security to housing and more - anything of interest to the long-term care community. While this may sound like a depressing topic, our podcasts are just the opposite! Because we develop innovative technologies for this market, we are seeking innovative concepts in this space. Our format is professional but laid back; we provide questions in advance so that guests can prepare, but we discourage actually reading responses so that the conversation comes across as natural. All guests receive contact information for the leads generated so that they can market to them as well.

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Darcy Grabenstein
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Darcy Grabenstein
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Our main audience is made up of administrators and staff of long-term care facilities, post-acute care and nursing homes.
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  • Recorded podcast
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Podcast - Eastern time zone - days/times vary, but typically have been Fridays around 11 a.m.
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