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Edvardas Cast seeks Comedian

I am looking for a comedian for my podcast to:

Have a conversation about recent topics and life experiences (preferable from the UK in the Greenwhich timezone), I would like an experienced person as I am pretty young myself and would like some variety in my podcast. My show will be lively with pre-discussed topics/events that have recently occurred as well as a friendly chat nearer the end. The podcast will be 1 hour long and will air each Friday.
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Edvardas Cast
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Tired of boring, unenthusiastic podcasts? Need something to relax too but have no luck? Tune in to the Edvardas Cast podcast each Friday for a lively experience with new guests and enticing interviews as well as friendly conversations with laughter and fun!
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Twitter: @EdvardasSukys
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My demographic is going to be for for younger adults and teenagers to relax after any tough experiences to take their mind away from them.
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  • Recorded podcast
  • Video webcast
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My show airs on Spreaker, YouTube and is distributed to iTunes and Stitcher Radio, this is a INTERNET only recorded and not live podcast
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