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I am looking for entrepreneurs who have been on their business(es) for:

At least 3 years to be on my show so that I can share their lessons and the mistakes they have made to my target audiences who are looking to get out of the rat race and start their own businesses. In return, I will help these entrepreneurs who agree to be on my show to promote their brand, products and services.

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Cracking the Entrepreneur Code Podcast Show
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Cracking the Entrepreneur Code Podcast Show was named based on Jack HM Wong's Amazon best-selling author of "Cracking the Entrepreneur Code - 7 Tips to Start Your Business Always Wanted".

The Show allows Jack to share his insights on how he helped his clients to solve their problems and overcome challenges in their business and personal lives. You will hear a variety of topics on both business development (e.g. sales, marketing, branding, presentation, program design etc) and personal development (e.g. self-development, self-growth and managing your little voice in between your ears!). You will discover what it takes to become a great entrepreneur, a successful leader and also a world-class teacher in your niche; and how you can impact, inspire and influence your clients by helping them create life transformational changes.

In 2018, we are interested in featuring entrepreneurs who have been on their businesse(es) for at least 3 years on our Show. If you have passion to serve other people, you are potentially the right guests on our Show.

Please submit your information here : http://www.jackhmwong.com/guest-application/

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Jack HM Wong
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Jack HM Wong
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Business Entrepreneurs
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  • Recorded podcast
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Podcast, once a week at GMT+8
Website URL: * http://www.jackhmwong.com
Show URL: * http://www.jackhmwong.com/about/podcast-2/