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Andy LaPointe, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Expert

Andy LaPointe Blockchain Expert AuthorAndy LaPointe is a Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain consultant with extensive knowledge in cryptocurrency.

Many people want to know more about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. With 15 years of experience as a financial advisor and 4 years of experience with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, Andy can help your listeners understand cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Prior to getting involved with Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain in 2014, Andy spent 15 years in the corporate world as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Series 7 Stockbroker, and Mutual Fund Wholesaler.

Learn why cryptocurrencies and the blockchain will have a greater impact on our future than the internet.  Getting Started with Bitcoin Book

His extensive knowledge and friendly presentation style will help your listeners understand cryptocurrencies and more.

Book Andy LaPointe, Bitcoin Expert and Author to discuss...

  • Why Bitcoin is the Future of Money…
  • How to Get Started in Cryptocurrencies…
  • How to Invest into Cryptocurrencies...
  • Why the Blockchain will Change the World Forever…
  • Why Everyone Needs to Get Started Today…
  • How the Blockchain will be a Part of Everyone's Life in the Next 5 Years...

Andy LaPointe Guest Expert Interview Credentials

  • Author of the Book: Guide to Getting Started with Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies 
  • Created the Bitcoin Educational Website:
  • Organizer of Bitcoin Coin Educational Group – Northern Michigan
  • Founder of Two Cryptocurrency Newsletters: The Penny Crypto Newsletter and The Blue Chip Crypto Newsletter
  • 15 Years of Experience in Investing as a Registered Investment Advisor, Series 7 Stockbroker and Mutual Fund Wholesaler

Guest Expert Availability

By telephone from Elk Rapids, MI EST
In person in Detroit, Chicago, Columbus, Indianapolis, Toledo, Grand Rapids - Any Great Lakes states and New York City

Guest Expert Interview Booking Contact

Jen LaPointe 

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