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Video Marketing Summit needs A1 speakers

We need experts in all aspects of video and using video marketing. This includes technical as well as presenting, scripts etc.

You could either be a consultant, a representative or a small firm or a software company.

If in doubt, apply. We want to offer as wide range of content as possible.
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Video Marketing Summit
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The video marketing summit is a multi day - multi speaker event.

Our goal is to make this the number 1 online event for video marketing in 2017.

We want to cover all aspects of video marketing - technical, marketing, software and of course Youtube.

If you have something (anything) video related - we want to hear from you.

We aim to record the sessions beforehand and broadcast them as a live webinar.

No fee to speak but there is an upsell option where it is possible to make some money from the event.

You should be able to speak for 45-60 minutes either unprompted or via gentle Q&A/discussion. Your powerpoint slides must be GOOD.

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Jonathan Senior
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Kirsten Van Reekers
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Unknown size - The attendees will be generic small business owners, freelancers and bloggers.
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  • Recorded podcast
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Recorded webinar
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