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The MoonshotEdu Show wants to talk Spinners

I am seeking researchers in psychology or related fields to explore the recent burst of interest in spinners.

In schools, some are banning them while others are embracing them. Is there any research to support them? What is valid or invalid about the claims? What advice might we offer for addressing their presence in education and beyond?
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The MoonshotEdu Show
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The MoonshotEdu show is a weekly podcast dedicated to challenging the status quo in conventional education, exploring educational innovation and entrepreneurship, and getting more deeply informed about the possibilities in education. It is a place to celebrate curiosity, human agency, and a love of learning. This is a podcast for people who want to explore ideas that matter and join in helping to create the future of education.
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Dr. Bernard BUll
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This is a new show and listeners have ranged from a couple hundred a month per episode to 7000 depending upon the area of interest and the extent to which the guests help spread the word about the episode.
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This is a weekly 30-minute podcast released each Saturday.
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