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The Becoming Love Project Podcast seeks Spirituality Experts

We are seeking experts to speak about Divine Love and Spiritual Awakening for the Becoming Love Project.

We are looking for people with a background in metaphysics, healing and esoteric traditions that can breakdown their wisdom in layman terms. Being able to RELATE to people just starting on their path is KEY!
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The Becoming Love Project Podcast
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The Becoming Love Project believes LOVE is the key to creating heaven on earth and the way to make this ideal real starts with the Self. We know there is a yearning in the hearts of millions of people all around the world for an experience that transcends fear, suffering and separateness. Love is the golden thread the unites all Creation. At The Becoming Love Project we believe it is time to answer the call deep within our souls and co-create a new story, a new way of BEing rooted in the embodiment of LOVE. We are looking for experts that are well versed in the area of Divine Love, Spiritual Law and Metaphysics to engage in powerful and FUN conversation. Love is the key unlocking the gates to all that is beautiful, worthwhile, and true. We want the WORLD to experience this overflow of Love that dwells within each of us so that in turn, heaven is with us wherever we go.

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Tamala Baldwin
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Tamala Baldwin
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Airs On Mondays at 9 PM EST - Pre-recorded via ZOOM
Website URL: * http://www.soulkisses.tv
Show URL: * http://www.becomingloveproject.com