Interview Award-Winning Screenwriter & Author Maryann Ridini Spencer about her new Novel "Lady in the Window"
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Do you have super powers? Are you using them to change the world? Then we want to talk to you.

Previous guests include: business executives, world-renowned psychics, matrix code breakers, light-workers, free divers, MDs, PhDs, millennial entrepreneurs, performers, etc. We're interested in anyone who challenges the bounds of reality, uses their super powers for good, and pursues a superhuman existence.
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SuperPower Up! podcast
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Have you journeyed through self-help, personal development, spiritual growth, and still wonder when your life will actually change? Do you look at your existence and wonder, “What NOW?” Then this is the place for you! The SuperPower Up! podcast is the place where we explore real life super powers and give you the tools to unlock your own. "Personal power can only take you so far. When you really want to change the world, you need – Super Power!" Tonya Dawn Recla, Executive Director
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Tonya Dawn Recla, Neva Lee Recla (Super Power Kids)
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Elmira Ona
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Audience size: 7500+

Demographics: 20-50 entrepreneurs, change agents, personal development types, spiritual seekers
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Posts virtually Tuesdays and Fridays
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