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Looking for Comedians with TV, Film & New Media Credits.

Check out the show, "Live and Onboard" with Tony Milazzo. Large listening base. iTunes, YouTube, Direct site.
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Live and Onboard Podcast
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A podcast really “live and onboard” and on the water! Tony”s relaxed and unique interviewing style asks the questions no one else will and gets answers no one else would. Tony’s guests are some of the most talented in America. "No telling what they might say while kicking back with me on the yacht". And obviously thousands of people are getting onboard to hear it! Are yOU?
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Tony Milazzo
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Tony Milazzo
Booking Email Address: * liveandonboardpodcast@gmail.com
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This show is growing at an accelerated rate. It has a wide audience because of it being set on the water & entertainment based.
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  • Recorded podcast
  • Video webcast
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iTunes, YouTube, Over 50 internet radio stations & websites.
Website URL: * http://liveandonboard.tonymilazzo.com/
Show URL: * https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/tony-milazzo-live-onboard/id597291860