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LaMancha Sims, Franchise Coach & Finance Expert

La Mancha Sims Franchise ExpertLa Mancha is the Managing Director of Triton Business Group, Inc., a veteran owned and operated business located in Atlanta, Georgia.

His business objective is to assist individuals who want to become entrepreneurs, leverage their talents to grow wealth, and gain financial freedom by using the Franchise Industry business model.

La Mancha founded Triton six years ago because the Franchise industry is still growing and remains one of the fastest ways to build long term wealth.  Triton's goal is helping its clients build long term wealth in the Franchise industry.

As a guest on your show, La Mancha will provide listeners with a number of creative ways they can get started in the Franchise industry with little to no money.  The information that he will talk about will give individuals who wish to become entrepreneurs in the Franchise industry the guidance and mindset that they need to take that first step.

Triton Franchise LendingAn interview with La Mancha will provide your listeners with special insight into the many opportunities in the Franchise industry, from being a Franchisee, Passive Investor programs, Certified Franchise Advisor, etc. that will allow them to build wealth and take control of their financial future.

Interview LaMancha Sims, Franchise Coach & Finance Expert to discuss...

  • Alternative ways to access Business Capital to purchase a Franchise;
  • Simple strategies for choosing the Right Franchise Opportunity; 
  • How to Become a Passive Franchise Investor;
  • Triton’s Certified Franchise Advisor™ (CFA) Program;
  • How to build wealth in the Franchise Industry;
  • How to Survive and Excel your first year owning a Franchise.

LaMancha Sims Guest Expert Interview Credentials

  • La Mancha is the CEO of Triton Business Group, Inc., the leading alternative franchise business lending firm in the southeastern United States.
  • Developed Triton’s Certified Franchise Advisor™ Program for long term wealth building.
  • B.A. in Economics and Masters in Finance.
  • Business Coaching & Management Expert.
  • La Mancha regularly attends lectures and seminars throughout the United States and maintains connections with key leaders in the financial and franchise community.

Guest Expert Availability

By telephone from Atlanta, Eastern Time Zone
In person in Atlanta and Savannah, GA; Charlotte, NC

Guest Expert Interview Booking Contact

Pamela James
(770) 249-2357 

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