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Cara Jones Speaks: Shedding Light on the Extraordinary is looking for Extraordinary Guests

The March 4 Life NY Radio is looking for Pro-Life Pros

We are seeking Pro-Life speakers and experts for our internet podcast.

We have a large global listener-ship and we simulcast on Facebook.
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The March 4 Life NY Radio
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The March 4 Life NY Radio show was established to promote the sanctity of life, and to keep our listeners up to date with current events in the Pro Life movement. The show is an educational platform for those who are not aware of all of the details surrounding this issue. The show is also a platform that helps in the area of developing a strong coalition of organizations. We are also seeking to introduce those who are active in the field that could use or exposure.
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Pastors Joni and Jim Lupis
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Pastor Joni Lupis
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Typical listeners of this show are Christians who are pro-life. Our listeners are churches and pro-life organizations who are against Roe v. Wade.
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  • Internet radio show
  • Recorded podcast
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