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We are looking for health and wellness experts.

My audience is interested in weight loss and self improvement. While we like to get into specifics of nutrition and training we also devote time to the mental side of weight loss and self improvement by covering topics related to the psychology of change and strategies one can use to stay motivated during the process.

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The Building Ambition Podcast
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We are a weekly podcast hosted by two personal trainers whom collectively have lost over 200 pounds. Each week we cover topics related to health and wellness while also discussing some of the triumphs of our own clients. We discuss science based nutritional research as well as training modalities. We also like to spend some time discussing ways men and women can say focused and motivated while pursuing their goals. I like to livestream guest interviews to Facebook/YouTube and open things up to listener questions. This keeps the audience very engaged and makes for a fun and interesting show.
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Adam Hicks
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My primary audience is women aged 18-35 for shows specifically about weightloss.
We cater more towards men when we talk about subjects related specifically to weight training and endurance training. We get around 500 downloads per episode worldwide. Our top four countries are United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia
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  • Internet radio show
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We livestream on Sunday at 5pm EST the full audio is released to our website and iTunes on Mondays at noon
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