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The TIVOMIKE Show wants to help you Find Your Christian Identity

Our show is introducing a new series that will air once per week during the entire month of January of the Christian Identity.

Most believers struggle to truly understand who they really are and if they did, they would live a more fulfilling, consistent time walking with Jesus on their life's journey. Our show is looking for an expert who can be really engaging, passionate, sincere and smart to help our audience reach the point that they can fully embrace their true identity.

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Teaching Pastor and author Michael Jefferson, who goes by the stage name TIVOMIKE, joins the syndicated talk show field, bringing his distinctive personality to radio. In addition to prominent interviews, regular segments include Entertainment Today, which usually opens the show and features TIVOMIKE and the Entertainment Guru Mike Warner giving their honest, opinionated and bible-based take on the latest pop-culture and entertainment headlines, and Ask Mike, in which he shares practical answers for life's tough questions - whether it be spiritual, physical or financial in nature. The daily, half-hour long program is broadcast from Righteous Road Studios in Providence.

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Michael "TIVOMIKE" Jefferson and our Entertainment Guru Mike Warner
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All booking inquiries are handled exclusively through the show's website by clicking on "Be Our Guest".
Booking Email Address: * hello@tivomike.com
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We are broadcasting out of Providence, Rhode Island. Our target demographics are Christian millennials who live in the United States. Our wider reach is all Christians.
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There have been more than 18,000 downloads/streams.

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BlogTalkRadio and Spreaker. Show tapes Sundays 5 30 minute episodes starting at 6:30am with 15 minute breaks between.
Website URL: * http://www.TIVOMIKE.com
Show URL: * http://www.blogtalkradio.com/tivomike
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