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AME Radio Show
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Over the last year I've worked to build my show into a relied upon place for lovers of art, music and entertainment can come and see some of the best the industry offers, hear their story of trials and tribulations then finally success. We believe in the principle of hard work and passion will lead to success in this industry. We interview some of the best up and coming talent as well as seasoned professionals and renown celebrities in their art field.

Since we started, we've grown to over 4.3 million listeners per show. We are on iHeart and 7 AM/FM stations with 2 internet broadcasts. We've interviewed some great celebrities throughout the years including but not limited to: Jackie Evancho, The Original Drifters, Ron Shirley, Solei Moon Frye, Ralphie May, Nick Dipaolo, Chelsea Peretti, Brian Harnois (TAPS), Andrea Tantaros, Jen Lilley (General Hospital), Braxton Cosby, Michael Grandinetti (TV Magician), Carl Held (StarTrek), Andy Allo, Vic DiBitello, Alex Cord, Jill Whelan, Taran Noah Smith, Stevie B, Joey Fatone, Tiffany, Danica McKellar, Mitchell Musso (Hanna Montana) and more

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Jason Dowd
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Jason Dowd
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We have people of all ages, races and genders following our show because the arts pertain to everyone and everyone is entertained in some way with artists.
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4.3 million
- Stats from AMFM247 Broadcasting Network
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  • Broadcast radio show
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AMFM247 Broadcasting Network and their AM/FM stations and internet below: Air's Saturday

Tampa AM 1630, FM 92.1 (Eastern) 5:00 PM
Las Vegas AM 1520, FM 107.1 (Pacific) 2:00 PM
Macon AM 810, FM 87.9 (Eastern) 5:00 PM
Lancaster AM 1640, FM 102.1 (Eastern) 5:00 PM
Boulder FM 100.7 (Mountain) 3:00 PM
Milwaukee FM 104.1 (Central) 4:00 PM
Pittsburgh FM 107.3 (Eastern) 5:00 PM
Long Beach FM 101.5 (Pacific) 2:00 PM

WKLAP Internet Radio : Friday at 12:00 PM (EST) 9:00 AM (PST)

iHeart on demand - Airs immediately when we upload the show
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Boulder, CO :: Milwaukee, WI :: Tampa, FL :: Pittsburgh, PA :: Macon, GA :: Las Vegas, NV :: Lancaster, PA ::
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