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Richard Lowe, Computer Security and Disaster Survival Expert, Ghostwriter & Author

Richard Lowe Jr Computer ExpertRichard Lowe is an expert on computer security and computers in general, an established author, freelance writer, and ghostwriter.

Richard learned about computers and computer security the hard way, by having to protect and salvage systems ravaged by viruses and hijacked by hackers. He's been helping people with computer problems for decades, and can share tips to save your valuable data, time and finances.

Richard has been trained to help people prepare for and survive disasters, too.  He has been through a number of real world disaster situations, including earthquakes and major fires in California.  He even had to find his sister-in-law after she was missing for two weeks when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.

Finally, Richard can write a book, blog post or article about any subject imaginable. He has written, as a ghostwriter, several novels, memoirs and business books, and has personally authored and published over a dozen books of his own.  Safe Computing Book

Richard is promoting his books on these same 3 topics, including Safe Computing is Like Safe Sex, Real World Survival Tips, and Insider Secrets from a Professional Ghostwriter. Richard's passion is to write books which help people, to provide advice and tips to keep people safe and help them recover from hard times.

A radio host should book Richard Lowe as a guest because he is a leader in the computer field, with personal expertise and knowledge on how to solve Windows computer security issues and problems.

He is also an expert on helping people put together plans to be ready for any kind of disaster, and as a ghostwriter can write about any subject or topic.

Book Richard Lowe, Computer Security, Disaster Survival, and Ghostwriting Expert and Author to discuss...

  • What do you need to do to keep your computer, smart phone, or tablet secure and free from viruses and malicious hackers?
  • What problems are you having with your computer system and how are they solved?
  • How can you prepare for and survive even the worst disasters?
  • Why does every business need a book written?  (And how and why should you hire a ghostwriter to create one for you?)

Richard Lowe Guest Expert Interview Credentials  Real World Survival Guide

  • Richard Lowe was Vice President for two computer companies and Director of Computer Operations for Trader Joe's for 20 years.
  • He was responsible for computer security at major corporations for 35 years.
  • He is an established freelance writer, author, and professional ghostwriter.
  • He is CERT (Civilian Emergency Response Team) trained to help people in the event of a disaster.

Guest Expert Availability

By telephone from Clearwater, FL

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Richard Lowe Jr
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